Best Cheap Snow Blowers

Best Overall

Snow Joe SJ625E Snow Thrower
  • 15Amp motor
  • Durable steel auger
  • It weighs 35.7lbs

Premium Pick

Power Smart DB5023 Snow Thrower
  • 13Amp motor
  • 180-degree chute
  • Steel auger

Budget Pick

WEN 5662 Blaster Snow Thrower
  • 13-amp motor
  • 180 degrees rotate chute
  • 6-inch wheels

If your area receives high-density snowfall, you will need a better tool to clear it. Though this isn’t an excellent way to start a day, a snow blower can be your great friend. You will find many different options in the market that seem alike, but you can quickly realize that they all deliver different results.

Finding tons of snow every morning in your driveway can be overwhelming, but don’t worry, you don’t have to spend much money to get an excellent snow blower. There are many affordable options out there, so you don’t have to continue using a shovel because of your tight budget.

Top Budget Snow Blowers

Best Overall

Key Features

  • It uses a 15Amp motor.
  • It can throw snow up to 800lbs every minute.
  • It features a clearing width of 21 inches and a height of 12 inches.
  • It can throw snow to a distance of 20 feet.
  • It weighs 35.7lbs; therefore, you can easily move it through the wet snow.
  • It comes with a two years warranty.
  • It features a 3W LED light for your safety when working at night.
  • It features a durable steel auger tipped with rubber.
Snow Joe SJ625E Snow Thrower

Rating: 4.1/5

Although it is budget-friendly, this Snow Joe SJ25E offers more clearance and power than most other models. It can tackle heavy, wet, and hard-packed snow, but you have to be a little patient.

Why we like it
  • It is ideal for picking up snow on your mid-sized walkways and driveways.
  • It comes with a powerful motor for moving 800 pounds of snow within a minute.
  • It requires no maintenance as it doesn’t need tune-ups, oil, or gas, making it effortless to start.
  • The Chute rotator has a turning radius of 180 degrees.
  • You can clear snow at any time of the day as it comes with a light to stop you from getting into an accident.
  • The drill comes with rubber to prevent damage to the pavement.
  • Its wheels are compact for easy maneuverability.
  • You can easily adjust the chute deflector to control the snow stream.
  • It is powered electrically, hence starts quickly even under harsh weather.
What we don’t like
  • It isn’t good at handling wet and slushy snow.

Our Verdict

This is an excellent option for anyone looking for an affordable snowblower that doesn’t require maintenance. It can quickly handle lighter snowfalls on your driveway or pathway.

Premium Pick

Key Features

  • It features a steel auger that is rubber-tipped to prevent it from destroying your surfaces while clearing.
  • It comes with an easy to direct chute.
  • It is capable of throwing snowfall up to 30ft away.
  • It features a powerful 13Amp motor.
  • It clears snow of up to 18-inch wide and 9-inch deep within a pass.
  • The 180-degree chute comes with an oversized, ergonomic handle.
  • It features hand grips coated with foam.
Power Smart DB5023 Snow Thrower

Rating: 4.2/5

You may not believe that you could find a better snow blower under $100, but this option has done it. It is a small machine that comes with a 13Amp motor that gives you enough power to clear fluffy snowfall that has just fallen on your driveway.

Why we like it
  • The foam coating keeps you comfortable while working in the cold weather.
  • It has an auxiliary handle that is created for easy maneuverability.
  • It is designed for comfort and convenience.
  • It uses electric power for easy maintenance and use.
  • The adjustable chute allows you to control the direction of snow discharge easily.
  • It is easy to clear of patios, driveways, or sidewalks.
  • It is lightweight.
What we don’t like
  • It has tiny wheels.

Our Verdict

If you are looking for a budget-friendly snow thrower to move snow from your walkways or driveway, this is a great deal. It clears down to the ground without damaging the surfaces.

Budget Pick

Key Features

  • It has a snow clearing capacity of up to 490lbs per minute.
  • It can clear snow 18-inch wide by 7.8-inch deep in every single pass.
  • It has a 13-amp motor that can shoot snow to a maximum of 20 feet away.
  • It has 6-inch wheels for easy mobility up and down the driveway or sidewalks.
  • It features a quick to adjust chute that can rotate to 180 degrees for easy control of the snow throwing direction.
WEN 5662 Blaster Snow Thrower

Rating: 4.4/5

If you only battle with about a foot of snow with every storm, this machine could be all you need. However, this machine is louder than the electric models, so if you have neighbors, they may not like the roar.

Why we like it
  • It features a lightweight design, so you can easily take turns in the snowy path. It won’t trouble you even in your old age.
  • It has a powerful motor that blasts snow 10 feet high and 20 feet away.
  • The adjustable chute gives you room to choose the direction of snow discharge.
  • It has wider wheels to improve traction on irregular surfaces.
  • It comes with a two years warranty.
  • It features a collapsible frame that makes it easier to store in limited space.
  • The onboard handle enables easy transportation throughout the clearing task.
What we don’t like
  • It is noisy.

Our Verdict

This great model allows you to move snow from your sidewalks and driveway without straining your back. It is lightweight and ideal for both seniors and the elderly as it can be moved easily.

Key Features

  • It features durable housing and parts that are constructed from solid steel, including the auger and chute.
  • It is designed with multiple speed transmissions with both reverse and forward speeds.
  • It features an electric start engine, so you will efficiently operate it under the cold weather.
  • It comes with a self-propelled drive; hence it will move effortlessly without using much force.
  • It has axe-shaped housing and serrated steel augers that cut through hard-packed snow and ice.
YARDMAX YB5765 Snow Blower

Rating: 4.1/5

This YARDMAX YB5765 is designed for maximum support, value, and performance. It provides a suitable solution to what Mother Nature has in store for you. It is constructed with a perfect combination of performance and practicality to make your work easier while clearing snowfall every morning.

Why we like it
  • It has a proper weight balance to provide comfort to the operator.
  • The crank chute control is easy to use.
  • It has a user-friendly design.
  • It is engineered for less snow blowback and maximum discharging distance of the snow.
  • There is a tighter discharge resulting from the extended chute while the high-speed impeller helps to clear more snow.
  • It is easy to operate.
  • It has easy to find speed controls and comes with a cup holder for more convenience.
  • It comes with heated handle grips to provide warmth in the harsh weather.
  • It has a dashboard with a LED headlight to offer a clear path while clearing snow at night or in early mornings.
What we don’t like
  • It requires assembly, which may take you some time.

Our Verdict

Its design guarantees you that your job will be done right. It comes with an LED headlight located on the dashboard to ensure you do not get too cold or freeze hands while in the harshest winter. The speeds are easy to control so that you can maneuver your machine through the snow comfortably.

Key Features

  • It doesn’t need tune-ups, oil, or gas.
  • It can clear up to 720 pounds of snow in a minute.
  • It clears mid-sized to extensive walkways and driveways.
  • It comes with a 23W halogen light to help clear snow off your pathways at any time.
  • It uses a 15-amp motor.
  • It comes with a universal clean-out tool to help in removing any snow build-ups.
  • It features a two-year warranty.
  • It has a four-blade steel auger that cuts through a 10-inch deep and 18-inch snow within a pass.
Snow Joe SJ623E Snow Thrower

Rating: 4.5/5

Snow Joe SJ623E boasts a 15-Amp motor powerful enough to clear up to 720lbs of snow every minute. It features a durable housing that is constructed from a durable steel frame. Its easy-glide tires make it easy to maneuver and turn through the snow.

Why we like it
  • It is effortless to maintain and start as it features an electric start.
  • It is versatile, for it is designed to clear large sidewalks and driveways.
  • It delivers high performance.
  • The four-blade auger moves snow down to the ground without damage to the surface.
  • It has a powerful motor.
  • There are minimal blowbacks and build-ups.
  • It comes with a scraper blade that clears the snow efficiently.
What we don’t like
  • It is not ideal for hard-packed snow.

Our Verdict

This is a smart choice for those with large driveways to clear every morning as it clears vast amounts of snow within a short time. It has a durable construction to withstand the harsh weather.

Buying Guide

With so many options from different brands, you need to know what you are looking for. You should have a decent idea of what you can get out of your tight budget. Don’t purchase a machine that won’t serve you according to your expectations because of a tight budget. Many cheap snow blowers offer high performance. Some of them perform more than they are priced. Here are some of the things that you should put in mind while looking for the best cheap snow blower for your driveway and sidewalk.1

Requirements of your region

If your property only receives light dusting, you may not need an expensive and high-powered unit. On the contrary, if you expect a large volume of snow, you will have to invest in a better machine that can clear heavy snow with huge depth. You will save much money by getting a simpler model than purchasing a vast and expensive machine when you only get little snow. It is crucial to know your snowfall rates, so that you determine the amount of work you expect the snow blower to perform.


A warranty can tell you so many things about a product, and that is why you need to check if the inexpensive snow blower comes with a warranty. With a strong warranty, you will stay covered in case the machine requires some maintenance or repairs. Some of the brands offer friendly customer service, so you will be free to communicate with them when you have an issue.

However, there is more to the warranty than just keeping you covered; it also shows you how confident the manufacturer of the product is about its quality and performance. Manufacturers who feel they have designed an excellent tool, then they are undoubtedly willing to offer an extended solid warranty to back up their product. They are confident that very few customers will need to redeem a warranty after the purchase.


There are vital features that must be present for your snow blower to perform well, but there are also those plushier functions that make your experience more comfortable though you have to pay for them. Some machines come with a quick start button to ensure you don’t try to start your engine a whole morning in the cold weather.

There are heated hand grips that you can also look out for. Though it doesn’t impact the overall performance of your snow blower, they keep you more comfortable while clearing snowfall in the harsh snow. LED lights are something to consider because you won’t be working during the day all the time. The lights keep you safe when working in the early mornings or late evenings.


Even on the best cheap models’ list, you will find that some of the options are budget-friendly than others. You need to check a few things when looking at the price of a machine. What it offers and its functions it comes with. Its life expectancy is equally vital as it determines whether you will enjoy your money value. If the product performs the things it is expected to do and carries them out well, you say it’s worth your money.

A low price tagged snow blower may be appealing to your eyes at first, but it may need many replacements or even break down within a year. If you are looking for a snow thrower that is powerful and affordable, then you have to spend a few more money on your budget.

Things You may not find in a Cheap Snow Blower

Snow blowers are now luxury items that come with different sorts of extras to keep you comfortable in the cold. But the cheap ones have little or no extras.

1. Cup holders

This feature is only found in a few cheap snow blowers, but it is great. It allows you to store a cup of hot water or coffee to keep you warm while working.

2. LED headlights

Most affordable options include a smaller headlight, while others may not. You can find halogen and LED lights on many expensive snow blowers, which is good to keep you out of accidents at night or in the dark.

3. Heated hand grips

This is another feature you can easily miss on the less expensive units as it is offered mostly on the higher-end models. These hand grips warm up when the snow blower is powered to keep the hands from freezing while plowing the snowfall from your driveway.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much is an Affordable, Decent Snow Blower?

The best budget snow blowers start at about $64 for a basic one-stage electric model and $250 for gas-powered models. However, if you need extra modern features on your machine, you might have to spend some extra dollars. If your location gets heavy, wet snowfall, you need a robust and sturdy model capable of tackling tougher jobs.

Do Snow Throwers go on sale?

Retail stores stock with the latest snow blowers options by October 1, and you can buy them on pre-season sale with up to 15% discount off. Unfortunately, once the first most significant snowfall has hit, all the discounts are removed. It can take several weeks to restock once the most popular models are sold out.

Final Thoughts

So now you see, you don’t have to spend an entire day breaking your back while shoveling, and yet you can get a budget-friendly machine to help you clear snow off your driveway. You can get good snow worth your budget.

Our top pick budget machine is Snow Joe SJ25E Single Stage Snow you will enjoy the value of each cent you spend on it. It clears up to 800 pounds of snow every minute, so your small or midsize driveway and yard will need a few hours to clear. Its features make it stand out from the other models. It has large wheels that help you to maneuver it through the snow without much effort.