Best Lawn Mowers for Hills

Best Push Mower

  • Integrated cord lock
  • Quiet & smooth operation
  • It weighs 56lbs only

Best Self-propelled Mower

  • Kohler 149cc engine
  • Tri-cutting system.
  • Budget-friendly.

Best Riding Lawn Mower

  • 18-inch turning radius
  • Five adjustable blades
  • 30 inches cutting deck

Mowing a hilly lawn can be a tough chore, so you need to find a lawn mower that will deliver a great cut and make the tight turns you need for comfortable mowing. The perfect lawn mower for a hilly landscape offers convenience as it can get tough and heavy to push a mower up and down the hills, especially the gas-powered options.

While looking for a lawnmower for hills, you will encounter riding lawn mowers, self-propelled and push lawn mowers. But whether you are experienced or a novice, choosing the best model can be challenging as there are many options in the market to select from. Besides, with so many types and reputable brands available, you could be confused, trying to find the one that fits your needs. To make your work easier, we have done in-depth research and prepared an excellent review. This will also help you reduce the time-consuming process. Remember, lightweight is the best choice for hills.

The 10 Best Lawn Mowers for Hills

Best Push Mower for Hills

Key Features

  • It is corded but comes with an integrated cord lock to help prevent accidental cord disconnections.
  • It has a push-button for quick starting.
  • It features a three-in-one discharge design.
  • It comes with foldable handles for compact storage.
  • It comes with a durable construction, making it suitable for the rugged hilly terrain.
  • It features 7-inch front and 10-inch rear wheels.
  • It is accompanied by a 4-years tool warranty to protect the considerable investment.
  • It weighs 56lbs only.

Rating: 4.4/5

The Greenworks 25022 corded lawn mower is our perfect choice for the best push mower for hills. It uses a powerful 12-Amp motor enabling you to push it up the hills effortlessly. The powerful machine is corded, meaning you can mow the lawn for the longest time possible.

Moreover, the unit boasts a foldable handle design that allows you to store or transport from the lawn to garage easily. It also features adjustable seven cutting heights ranging between 1.5 inches and 3.75 inches, making it great for mowing tough grass on your lawn. With a smart cut load sensing technology as it is constructed from a reputed brand. Additionally, it comes with a three-in-one discharge functionality for significant side and rear discharge and mulching capabilities. That is not all; the Greenworks corded mower comes with a durable 20-inch steel deck offering a great cutting capacity and balance of maneuverability. It has different sized front and rear wheels to increase stability and maneuverability.

Why we like it
  • It offers unlimited running time.
  • It is easy to operate with the rear, side discharge and mulching capabilities.
  • It is lightweight, and hence you won’t need much energy to push it up the hills.
  • It delivers excellent performance with its rugged stamped steel deck for added stability.
  • It uses a powerful motor for a better experience.
  • It allows for quiet and smooth operation.
  • There is no charging or battery required to operate without stopping to recharge or change the battery efficiently.
What we don’t like
  • The extension cord is not included in the package; therefore, you will incur more purchasing.
  • Its corded design limits your mowing distance because the extension cord may not be too long.

Our Verdict

If you are looking for an excellent electric push mower for your hilly lawn, corded Greenworks 25022 offers a great choice. It starts quickly and allows you to mow continuously without the need for a recharge. However, you may not manicure your long lawn; this is perfect for small and medium yards.

Best self-propelled mower for Hills

Key Features

  • It starts with a pull cord.
  • It has two height adjustment points.
  • It features a rear-wheel-drive self-propelling design.
  • It uses a Kohler 149cc engine.
  • It comes with a larger bag capacity for discharge.
  • It has an operator-centric design for user-friendly maintenance.
  • It features a tri-cutting system.

Rating: 4.0/5

A reel mower is one of the best models for a hilly lawn and Lawn-Boy 17732 mower, being one of them, gets in our list as one of the best lawn mowers for hills. It is constructed to make your mowing task more comfortable with the rear-wheel-drive system that self-propel and provides power for improved control and traction in all mowing conditions. The mowing unit comes with a two-point cutting height system allowing you to adjust the cutting heights from the mower’s side.

Furthermore, it uses a commercial-grade Kohler XTX OHV engine to deliver a tough performance. It comes with a 21-inch steel deep dome deck designed to offer excellent mulching capabilities with superior cuts. Also, the Lawn-Boy 17732 features a 3-in-1 discharge ability making your mowing task easier.

Why we like it
  • Its engine delivers a powerful performance.
  • It has a lightweight and durable steel deck.
  • It comes with a two years warranty.
  • It is easy to handle.
  • It is budget-friendly.
What we don’t like
  • It starts by pulling a cord.

Our Verdict

This is a perfect mowing machine for anyone with a large hilly lawn as it comes with a 21-inch cutting steel deck. It is powered by a powerful engine, and with a rear-wheel-drive system, you have better control and traction on the hilly terrain.

Best riding lawn mower for Hills

Key Features

  • It is designed with an 18-inch turning radius.
  • It comes with a comfortable mid-back seat.
  • It features durable and built to last wheels.
  • It features five adjustable blades.
  • A two years warranty accompanies it.
  • It has a 30 inches cutting deck.

Rating: 4.0/5

If you are looking for a simple but standard riding lawn mower, you should go for this Troy-Bilt Neighborhood mower. It features a 382cc OHV engine and a six-speed transmission. Its 30 inches cutting deck combines the pros of a standard riding mower and the walk-behind wide-cut mower design to make your mowing experience better. Moreover, the large rider is designed to navigate where other larger riders can’t go.

Besides, you don’t have to worry about its size, for it has a compact construction that allows easy storage in your shed or garage. The neighborhood lawn mower is suitable for standard land owners with relatively even terrain and medium-sized lawns. For added comfort, its steering wheel is 13 inches with a soft grip. To sum it all, this best riding mower for hills comes with 16 by 6.5 inches rear and 13 by 5 inches front wheel for better traction and maneuverability up and down the hills.

Why we like it
  • It has a compact size for easy storage.
  • It uses a manual power take-off to allow easy and faster blade engagement.
  • The powerful engine is built to deliver clean performance and to last.
  • The fuel tank features a fuel sight window, enabling you to view the gas levels.
  • It has a comfortable steering wheel.
What we don’t like
  • It is heavy and requires maintenance.
  • It produces a lot of noise since it is gas-powered.

Our Verdict

We recommend this Troy-Bilt 382cc lawn mower for those with more than a half-acre lot because it makes your work easier. Not to mention, it reduces the number of times you have to run up and down the hills.

Key Features

  • It uses a modern Intellicut technology for better lawn mowing on thicker grass.
  • It comes with a dual-port charger enabling you to charge the two batteries at once within two hours.
  • It features a collapsible handle for compact storage during the off-season.
  • It comes with a full-bag indicator.
  • It has a battery charge indicator to show you when you have a low battery.
  • It allows single-lever adjustments with six different cutting heights ranging from 1.5 inches to 4 inches.
  • It has a 17-inch cutting deck and a cutting width of 16 inches.

Rating: 4.4/5

This is another quality self-propelled mower for hills from a well-known brand, Worx. It is a 40V mowing tool with a runtime of up to 1/8 acre when its 4.0 Ah batteries are fully charged. However, it is good to know that the 40Vpower is given by two 20V batteries. Worx WG743 is a modern model with great features. It comes with a patented Intellicut technology that adds power as the grass gets thicker. It is designed to allow you to dial it back down for battery conservation.

Unlike the gas-powered options, this battery-powered model is quieter, cost-effective and efficient to use for both you and the environment. It is versatile, and the Worx power share works comfortably with Worx 40V and 20V tools, lifestyle and outdoor power products. Moreover, the great mower features a cut-to-edge design that allows it to mow closer to the landmarks and fences on your lawn than other mowers. For convenience, Worx has included a full-bag indicator to show when the bag is ready to empty.

Why we like it
  • It has a bag of discharging and mulching capabilities.
  • It is designed to trim your lawn along the fences and landmarks.
  • Its batteries are compatible with other Works tools.
  • It uses high cutting technology and power.
  • It is easy to store.
  • It is created to deliver gas-like powered options.
  • The batteries and charger are included to eliminate extra costs.
What we don’t like
  • The plastic deck may not serve you for an extended period.

Our Verdict

We recommend this lawn mower for hilly terrains because it is designed for high power and performance. It has a user-friendly construction that is easy to operate even for beginners. This is perfect for residential areas as it can trim along the fences and landmarks.

Key Features

  • It uses a 21-inch cutting deck.
  • It starts instantly with a push button.
  • It has side, rear bag discharge and mulching capabilities.
  • It is designed with smart cut technology, perfect for mowing hilly law
  • It has a compact and vertical storage design.
  • It features brushless motors.

Rating: 4.5/5

With this Greenworks 2502202 Pro mower, you will get gas-like performance and power. It is powered by 80V batteries with energy equivalent to a 160cc gas engine. What makes the great mower stand out amongst its competitors is the innovative smart cut technology designed to automatically increase the blade’s speed when more power is required for the best cut. This is a critical functionality, especially while mowing on the hilly terrain because you need more power to push it up the hills. It features one of the best three-in-one designs to allow you to choose between side or rear bag discharge, along with mulching your grass clippings.

Ultimately, like other battery-powered mowers, this unit operates quietly and starts instantly with just a push of a button; therefore, you would struggle under the scorching sun while trying to ignite it using pull cords. The lawn mower comes with a vertical storage space for extra convenience, so if you have limited space in your garage, this is a better option.

Why we like it
  • It is powerful and cordless, with no limitation of the mowing distance.
  • Its brushless motors are more reliable.
  • It requires zero maintenance and has zero emissions.
  • It has a runtime of up to 60 minutes, which exceeds many other machines.
  • It operates quietly.
What we don’t like
  • The charger and battery are not included, so you have to spend extra dollars on them.

Our Verdict

If you have a small space in your garage or store, we recommend you go for this Greenworks Pro 2502202 as it will only occupy minimal space. It delivers powerful and outstanding performance, similar to gas-powered models. Besides, it operates without making a sound to disturb your neighbours or family.

Key Features

  • It has a new reversible grass chute.
  • It features inset wheels for better performance.
  • It comes with a three-year limited warranty.
  • It has cutting height adjustments between one to four inches.

Rating: 4.2/5

The Fiskars StaySharp reel lawn mower is a perfect machine for your hilly landscape as it features a unique design with an InertiaDrive reel created for all types of grass. It makes your mowing experience more enjoyable because it is 60% easier to operate and push than other reel mowers. With the StaySharp cutting system, the mowers deliver twice the cutting power to cut and glide through tough spots without unwanted contacts. This is created to reduce wear for long-lasting performance.

Moreover, the StaySharp reel push mower for hills comes with a reversible grass chute positioned to direct the clippings forward. Unlike other reel push mowers, this unit features inset wheels to allow the blades to extend across the full mower’s cutting width. This helps to eliminate uncut edges and strips near fences and foundations.

Why we like it
  • It has long-lasting sharpness.
  • It boasts twice more cutting power than the available designs.
  • It has better edging.
  • It is 60 percent easier to push than the standard options.
  • You can easily adjust the cutting height for comfort.
What we don’t like
  • It is tedious to mow a large lawn.

Our Verdict

The StaySharp Max reel mower is not only good for your health but also for the environment. It doesn’t emit gas, and no stress of extension cords. It is perfect for mowing rough patches while clearing the mess. Its added power is ideal for all grass types, including the rigid southern varieties such as Bermuda, Bahia, Zoysia and St. Augustine.

Key Features

  • It has a compact vertical storage design.
  • It features a single lever seven-position height cutting adjustment.
  • It starts with a push button.
  • It has a high-efficient brushless motor.
  • It uses a load sensing technology.
  • It features a three-in-one discharge functionality.

Rating: 4.3/5

This is another top-quality battery-powered lawn mower with an 82V power to cut through tough grass. It is powered by two 2 Ah Lithium-Ion batteries that power the machine for up to 45 minutes. The Snapper XD 82V Max is designed with a smart and great load sensing technology power that adjusts easily to meet the requirements of cutting blades. For easy operations, the mower features seven cutting height adjustments that allow you to quickly choose your preferred grass height as you mow up the hills.

Furthermore, it includes brushless motor technology to ensure the machine’s long life and provide reliability and power needed to mow your yard for years. It comes with a 3-in-1 design allowing you to decide on side or bag discharge and mulching the grass clippings. With an over molded rubber handle, the operator mows comfortably without much fatigue on the hands.

Why we like it
  • It gives you different options for grass clippings discharge.
  • You can store easily in tight spaces.
  • It offers efficient and smart operations.
  • It has an ergonomic and comfortable handle grip.
  • It uses a durable steel deck.
  • It operates quietly and requires little to no maintenance.
  • It is cordless.
What we don’t like
  • It is not ideal for short steep hills.
  • It is costly.

Our Verdict

If you want a battery-powered but powerful model for mowing hills, get this Snapper XD Max. It is powerful enough to mow up and down the hills for up to 45 minutes. It uses an efficient load sensing technology power that makes your cutting experience better. With limited space, you can still own it because it has a vertical storage design.

Key Features

  • It uses a 4.0 Ah 56V battery with a rapid charger.
  • Its battery charges for 30 minutes only.
  • It comes with a five-year warranty for the power equipment and a three-year warranty for the charger and battery packs.
  • It has a runtime of 45 minutes.

Rating: 4.2/5

The Ego Power+ lawn mower is another one of the best lawn mowers for your hilly backyard. It is equipped with advanced Ego Power plus 56V battery that utilizes the arc-lithium technology to deliver high power in all weather conditions. Its performance is equivalent to the high-end brands but still affordable. The lawn mower features weather-resistant construction, and it folds easily for a compact, upright storage.

Again, its battery is powerful and offers a cut time of 45 minutes. It delivers a gas-like performance, and like other battery-powered models, it operates quietly. The Ego Power+ machine comes with a 20-inch deck, big enough to cut large amounts of grass.

Why we like it
  • It has rapid charging, so you don’t have to worry about cut down.
  • It is easy to store in limited space because it has an upright storage design.
  • It has a weather-resistant construction.
  • It operates in all weather conditions.
  • It has extended warranty coverage, so you don’t have to fear losing your money.
  • It is less messy and noisy, and your neighbours won’t have anything to complain about.
  • It features LED headlights allowing you to mow even at night.
  • The 56V battery features durability and rapid charging.
What we don’t like
  • The battery charger may not last long.
  • It is bulky and could be hard to maneuver up the hills.

Our Verdict

We would recommend this excellent mower for anyone looking for a powerful weather-resistant machine. Ego Power+ mows without disturbing your neighbors. It is efficient and suitable for those in residential homes. It starts conveniently under all weather conditions without struggling with pull cords.

Key Features

  • It features a 3-in-1 design with side, rear bag discharge or mulching.
  • It comes with a USB port for charging the batteries and other portable electronics.
  • It is constructed with a 21-inch steel deck, strong enough to handle tough grass and large volumes.
  • It is self-propelled, so you only need less force to maneuver it up the hills.
  • It comes with a dual battery port design that enables you to store one battery while the other is in use.
  • Its 40V battery system is for up to ½ acre lot.
  • The entire unit weighs 70 lbs.

Rating: 4.3/5

Here is another gem of a lawn mower, Greenworks M-210-SP, designed to deliver clean and reliable cuts all the time. It is powered by a 40V battery and comes with a brushless motor to provide quieter operation. The self-propelled rear-wheel-drive adjusts easily to match your stride while mowing up and down the hills. Ultimately, it features a three-in-one design that allows you to the side or rear discharge and mulch. The one good thing about it is its 40V battery system that powers over 50 products, meaning you have many batteries available to use one while charging the other.

Moreover, the battery comes with a USB port that charges any other portable electronic device, including tablets and phones. It features a 21-inch durable steel deck, allowing you to easily and quickly tackle more extensive areas of grass.

Why we like it
  • It has a large cutting deck size.
  • The brushless motor ensures quiet operation and more torque.
  • Its design allows the easy discharge of the grass clippings.
  • It comes with a push-button for instant starting.
  • It is lightweight and easy to use.
  • It delivers a quick, efficient and quality job without emissions.
  • Its battery is shareable and compatible with multiple 40V battery systems.
  • It has a vertical storage design.
  • It uses smart load technology.
What we don’t like
  • It has a cut time of 40 minutes only so that it can suit only small lawns.

Our Verdict

If you are looking for a self-propelled lawn mower with more torque and longer life, here it is. The Greenworks 40V mower allows uninterrupted cutting since it comes with a dual battery port construction to save you the many trips to the garage to get the battery. It provides robust performance.

Key Features

  • It is self-propelled.
  • It comes with a 3-in-1 cutting design that allows you to choose between BioClip mulching, side discharge and bagging.
  • It has a cutting capacity of 1/2 acre.
  • It features an easy-to-understand keypad.
  • It has steel construction for durability.

Rating: 4.0/5

Husqvarna 967820502 LE221R is one of the best lawn mowers for your hilly terrain. This is a self-propelled machine that allows you to manicure and grooms your hills without using much force. It is designed to deliver high power and performance, for it comes with 40V batteries. The two lithium-ion batteries system provides a maximum runtime of up to 1/2 acre cutting capacity, ensuring that you have done all the mowing tasks.

Besides, being a self-propelled unit comes with an easy to read keypad to deliver a superior mowing experience. It comes with a 21-inch cutting deck, which is designed to make your mowing work easier. The cordless lawn mower features steel construction and ergonomic design, making it withstand the rugged hilly terrain.

Why we like it
  • It has a large runtime.
  • It is cordless, and so you can mow a large area.
  • It is durable and simple.
  • Its design allows easy operation with maneuverability and power.
  • It is perfect for small to medium lawns with tighter spaces and obstacles.
  • It doesn’t need engine maintenance.
  • It starts quickly with a push-button.
What we don’t like
  • It is massive but compelling.

Our Verdict

If you are looking for a self-propelled mower, Husqvarna 967820502 LE221R is a perfect choice. It is powerful and more comfortable to tackle your lawn work. This is great for your small or medium yard. Moreover, you don’t have to deal with extension cord or gas and oil; it is easy to maintain.

Buying Guide

Hilly lawns and gardens give an appealing look, but not all types of lawn mowers are effective on them. Moreover, such appearances take much effort to maintain, and that’s why you should be careful when looking for a perfect lawn mower for hills. The best lawn mowers should be more potent than the standard models because the hill soil is usually challenging, unlike the typical soil.

When choosing a lawn mower for hills, you will encounter best riding, self-propelled and push mowers, and therefore, you have to decide depending on a few key things that determine whether this mower will work for your lawn. Here are some of the crucial things to keep in mind while choosing the perfect lawn mower for your hilly lawn or garden.

Rear-wheel drive

This is one of the most vital features to consider when choosing a lawn mower for hills. Typically, the rear wheels should be taller than the front wheel; it’s something you shouldn’t overlook. Many lawn mowers use their front wheels to navigate the lawn, but they are ideal for flat landscapes. These front-wheel-drive mowers are useless when it comes to hilly terrains. The rear-wheel-drive lawn mowers have better traction and give you better control over all conditions.

Deck size

The size of your mower’s deck determines the time you will take to finish the task. The larger the cutting width, the larger the cutting volume. This means you will take less time to cut a ¼ lawn with a 30-inch deck. However, if your yard is narrow and sloppy, you need a shorter deck for quick and easy navigation. It gives you better control around the lawn and allows you to move around foundations and obstacles quickly.

Also, a large-sized deck provides enough space for the blade to cut grass clippings multiple times.

Height adjustment

A perfect lawn mower features multiple height adjustment options to let you have a better mowing experience. With an uneven lawn, you will have a lot of obstacles. This includes foundations, fences and flower beds, so you need a right mower with adjustable heights to allow you to customize the cutting heights as you go up the hills. It would be best if you got an option that automatically raises and lowers grass clippings for more comfortable mowing.

Grass clippings discharge options

Looking at most of the models we have discussed in our list, and you can see that they have three-in-one discharge designs. Meaning you are free to control the direction of disposal or collection of the grass. There are three options; firstly, you can have a back-hanging gallon bag to collect the grass clippings in it. The second option allows you to detach the bag and let the grass discharge while you mow, but some models still have a side slot. Lastly, many mowers feature a mulching function that uses a high-speed setting with a single blade to cut the grass while mixing it into fertilizing mulch for the lawn.

Turning radius

If your yard is crowded and you will require some precise turns, you need to pay attention to the machine’s turning radius when selecting it. This will save you from any future frustrations. A riding mower with zero-turn offers better control. However, they are safe to operate slightly uneven terrain as it poses a risk of flipping on steep inclines. To know the turning radius, you can check on the manufacturer’s product descriptions.

Engineer or fuel type

You have probably heard that the gas-powered motors are the perfect ones for hilly lawns, but this isn’t always the case with each hilly terrain as some are slightly inclined while others are steep. Although the gas-powered options are the strongest with high power running blades, they aren’t safe for your health as they emit toxic gases.

On the other hand, there are battery-powered options that have reduced carbon emissions and quieter mowing operations. Unfortunately, the batteries need to be recharged and then later replaced.

Cordless Vs. corded

Corded lawn mowers are electric-powered and require a plugin for power output while in use. While using a corded mower, you will need a longer extension for a more extensive lawn, but you risk damaging the cord while mowing.

The cordless lawn mowers are either battery or gasoline-powered. They are recharged periodically using a cord after use. These types of mowers are more convenient and have fewer risks.


The weight of your lawn mower plays a significant role, and if you’re looking for a walk behind the mower, then you need to keep the weight in check. Otherwise, you might not be able to push the mower up the hills. When working with a heavy mower, it will be moving with much speed due to gravitational pull, and you will need extra force to pull it back. Try to look for a medium weight mower that you can handle comfortably.

Ease of operation

Some of the lawn mowers are too complicated and require a technical hand to operate. They are hard to control and thus can be difficult for beginners. If you are new to the industry, it is wise to go for an easier to operate model. Some of them have easy to read and understand operations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which parts need regular replacement in a riding mower?

While the mower is being used continuously, different riding mower parts deteriorate due to tear and wear. These parts include the trail, grass catcher and discharge cover. Hence, you have to replace and check the parts that indicate getting damaged for better functioning. However, only replace with original parts that are recommended by the manufacturer.

Do I have to assemble the lawn mower myself?

This depends entirely on your lawn type, but you shouldn’t do it on your own. However, you are going to notice that most of the lawn mowers out there are fully assembled. All you need is the primary assembling, and these are very straightforward. Moreover, they are explained thoroughly in the instructions.

How do I clean my mower?

Most of today’s lawnmowers feature a wash-out fitting for the horse. All you need to do is to move the mower to a stretch of the lawn and snake out the hose over to your mower, then screw your hose into the available nozzle. When the hose is already connected to the deck, your pressure should do the more significant part of the job to wash out all the accumulated clippings.

Unfortunately, if you are using a manual mower, you have to spray it typically and oil it. You can also use WD-40 for a better finish to keep the blade sharp, grease it, and prevent it from rusting.

You should note that the cheap models require you to thread the hose manually onto the deck while the more expensive ones feature fitting for the hose head.

Final verdict

With a well-kept and maintained lawn, your home looks beautiful, but it requires much effort and effort. It is appealing to have a well-manicured yard; this could be a lot easier if you have an even lawn. Dealing with a hilly property is challenging, and so you need to carefully choose your lawn mower because not every mower you find in the market can mow a steep hills terrain. With this review and buyer’s guide, we will have an easier time selecting the best lawn mower for hills. Remember, you shouldn’t break your bank because there are still Budget-friendly options considering your lawn’s size and your primary requirements.

Additionally, consider between the three types of mowers, riding, self-propelled and push lawn mowers to ensure you get everything right. This will save you frustrations when you have already spent much money.