Best Soaker Hose Systems 2020

Best Soaker Hose Systems

Plants require an ample supply of water to have healthy growth and maintain a luscious color. Soaker hoses provide the best irrigation at the plant root level. A significant reason is that they are buried in the soil, thus reducing evaporation. Besides, with this watering system, there is little runoff water even on uneven terrains.Using …

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Best Weed Barrier 2020

Best Weed Barrier

Getting your garden to look its best can be a rewarding experience. But fast forward a couple of weeks, and there will be weeds coming through and ruining the look that you tried so hard to create. The answer is to get a high-quality weed barrier, which will block any weeds from coming to the …

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Living Mulch: Benefits & Uses

Living Mulch

What is Living Mulch?Growing a living mulch protects and nourishes the soil in between your crops, and chokes out weeds. It’s useful when grown beside a cash crop or as a forage or cover crop. Living mulch works much like bark or traditional mulch. It protects the soil and preserves the moisture in the dirt, …

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What Vegetables Should You Plant

What Vegetables Should You Plant

If you are ready to try your hand at a vegetable garden this season you probably don’t have a clue where to start.  Don’t worry, we all felt that way the first time, there are dozens of vegetable and varieties each a little different in what is needed to help them grow.  What vegetables should …

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Getting Ready for Spring

Getting Ready for Spring

Winter seems endless, but spring is only a couple of weeks away and it won’t be long before you’re back in your garden.  Spring is the time for cleaning up and planting seeds, but if you want your garden to look beautiful come mid-summer then you need to prepare now.  Here are some spring cleanup …

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