Best Leaf Blowers 2020

Best Leaf Blowers

Have you ever tried to remove leaves and debris using a brush? It’s hard work. A jet washer can do it, but that uses an immense amount of water and can lead to other problems. The answer is to get a leaf blower, and there is a model out there for everyone.You can get a …

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Best Chainsaw Under $300

Best Chainsaw Under $300

With all the chainsaw brands today, you can get one for a few hundred bucks. However, knowing which model to get may not be that easy. The price doesn’t make it a good or a lousy product. If you’re prepared to pay between $100 and $300, you’ve got to make sure it’s worth it.For starters, …

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Best 4 Cycle Weed Eaters 2020

Best 4 Cycle Weed Eaters

Next to a lawnmower, a good weed-eater is the most essential of yard management tools. Electric models might offer a little more convenience, but there is no substitute for the power and freedom of a gas-powered trimmer. If you don’t know your stuff, it can be tough to tell a good product from a bad …

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Best 16-Inch Chainsaws 2020

Best 16-Inch Chainsaws

Chainsaws come in different sizes. As a beginner, you may be used to smaller ones. These are ideal when you only need them for necessary home activities. But, what if you’d love to upgrade to larger chainsaws for medium and heavy-duty operations? This is where 16″ and 20-inch chainsaws come in handy. These are ideal …

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Best 20-Inch Chainsaws 2020

Best 20-Inch Chainsaws

Chainsaws are great tools to have around. Whether you need to clear the bush around the house, prepare firewood, or fell trees, these machines are your good friends. Knowing which product to choose may be quite tricky, as there are a lot of brands in the market today. Of all these brands, only a few …

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Best Walk Behind String Trimmers

Best Walk Behind String Trimmers

The walk-behind string trimmer might well be described as the older brother of the weed eater. These tools work in very similar ways, but the push trimmer is a much more serious and heavy-duty machine.  If you need a yard trimmer that takes no prisoners, this is a great tool to consider buying. However, it’s important …

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Best 18 Inch Chainsaw

Best 18 Inch Chainsaw

Whether you do most of your tasks indoors or outdoors, you will probably need to use a chainsaw sooner or later. The thickness of wood, amongst other factors, will determine the type of chainsaw which you use.  Most people prefer to use chainsaws that are at least 18 inches when performing outdoor tasks. The major reason …

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Best Lightweight Weed Eater

Best Lightweight Weed Eater

When you have a large yard full of fast-growing grass, a weed-eater becomes one of your most essential tools. Of course, there is a need to choose your weed-eater carefully. This article is intended to help you do that. Right away, we should tell you to avoid the cheapest models, as these will usually break …

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