Best 18 Inch Chainsaw

Best 18 Inch Chainsaw

Whether you do most of your tasks indoors or outdoors, you will probably need to use a chainsaw sooner or later. The thickness of wood, amongst other factors, will determine the type of chainsaw which you use.  Most people prefer to use chainsaws that are at least 18 inches when performing outdoor tasks. The major reason …

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Best Budget Chainsaws

Best Budget Chainsaws

Chainsaws are pretty important tools to have. To get a chainsaw of your own, you will have to spend money. For most people, being on a budget means that they have to shop hard and long, which is understandable. If you find yourself in the same boat, you will be thrilled to know that good …

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Best Lightweight Weed Eater

Best Lightweight Weed Eater

When you have a large yard full of fast-growing grass, a weed-eater becomes one of your most essential tools. Of course, there is a need to choose your weed-eater carefully. This article is intended to help you do that. Right away, we should tell you to avoid the cheapest models, as these will usually break …

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Best Weed Barrier 2020

Best Weed Barrier

Getting your garden to look its best can be a rewarding experience. But fast forward a couple of weeks, and there will be weeds coming through and ruining the look that you tried so hard to create. The answer is to get a high-quality weed barrier, which will block any weeds from coming to the …

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Best Gas Weed Eaters 2020

Best OverallHusqvarna 128LD Weight: 11 Pounds Engine: 28cc 2-Cycle Cutting Width: 17 Inches Check Price Premium PickHusqvarna 967055801 Weight: 17 Pounds Engine: 25cc 4-Cycle Cutting Width: 18 Inches Check Price Budget PickCRAFTSMAN WS205 Weight: 13 Pounds Engine: 25cc 2-Cycle Cutting Width: 17 Inches Check Price When it comes to getting the best gas weed eater, …

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Best String Trimmer Replacement Heads

Best String Trimmer Replacement Heads

Best OverallMaxPower Trim Replacement Head Its versatility is clearly seen Quite simple to use Extra pre-cut trimmer line Check Price Premium PickWW EZ Lock Head Gas Powered Easy to use Perfect for trimming and edging Check Price Budget PickKBINGO Replacement Trimmer Head Multiple Colors Compatible with other models Last for a long time Check Price …

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Best Commercial Weed Eater 2020

Best Commercial Weed Eater

Best OverallHusqvarna 324L Cutting Width: 18 Inches Power Source: Gas Powered Weight: 17 Pounds Check Price Premium PickGreenWorks ST80L210 Cutting Width: 16 Inches Power Source: Battery Weight: 18 Pounds Check Price Budget PickHusqvarna 967175201 Cutting Width: 18 Inches Power Source: Gas Weight: 17 Pounds Check Price When it comes to having a great looking lawn, …

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Living Mulch: Benefits & Uses

Living Mulch

What is Living Mulch?Growing a living mulch protects and nourishes the soil in between your crops, and chokes out weeds. It’s useful when grown beside a cash crop or as a forage or cover crop. Living mulch works much like bark or traditional mulch. It protects the soil and preserves the moisture in the dirt, …

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