Best Snow Blowers under $1000

Locating a suitable snow blower under $1,000 could prove challenging. If you’re mindful of your budget, this might mean having to settle for a lower-quality product to safeguard your financial health. However, with enough time put into the search, you can find high-quality yet reasonably priced alternatives on the market.

Unfortunately, many people have no time to shop for the best products, but instead, go for those recommended by other users. Mostly, unwanted snowfall is commonly found on the roads, pathways, driveways, and lanes. For power, the unit uses either gas, electricity, or batteries. You will find three major types of snow blowers: three-stage, Two-Stage, and single-stage snow blowers. There are affordable machines available in most stores today.


5 Best Snow Blowers Under 1000 Dollars

Snow Joe iON8024 Cordless Two-Stage Snow Thrower

Key Features

  • It comes with an 80V battery and a powerful 2500W brushless motor that clears up to 1000 pounds of snow per minute.
  • It features a 4-blade digital drive system that cuts through the snow with a width of 24 inches and a depth of 13 inches with each pass.
  • It comes with a 180 degrees adjustable chute.
  • It throws snow up to 32 feet.
  • It features the 3W LED headlamps.
  • It has a running time of 30 minutes.
  • It is equipped with a heavy-duty, powerful impeller and serrated auger.
  • It is designed from heavy-duty steel.
  • For satisfaction, this brand backs up its machine with a two years warranty.
  • It features ergonomic-trigger grips to reduce stress when squeezing and for comfort.
  • It comes with TracAssist tires for better traction.
  • It has an integrated scraper bar at the base to clear snow down to the ground without damage.

If you have mid-sized to extensive walkways and driveways, you should get a Snow Joe iON8024 to clear off the snow. It doesn’t use turn-ups, oil, or gas to work. It is created to deliver the performance of a gas snowblower. This is an excellent option for removing snow during winter.

Why we like it

  • It is maintenance-free.
  • It is suitable for removing snow from midsize to large walkways and driveways.
  • It allows you to clear snow off your paths night or day.
  • It is versatile and starts effortlessly.
  • It is durable and comes with a steel drill that clears snow down to the ground quickly and easily.
  • It is easy to turn and maneuver.
  • It is cord-free and gas-free.

What we don’t like

  • It lacks heated handle grips.

Our Verdict

This is a versatile option for people with medium to large driveways to clear as it moves up to 1000 pounds of snow in a minute. It is maintenance-free, hence the right choice for the seniors and elderly who can’t do frequent maintenance service.

Husqvarna ST224 24-inch Two Stage Snow Blower

Key Features

  • It features 15-inch tires to improve traction.
  • It comes with an electric start for easy ignition.
  • It is a 24-inch two-stage machine.
  • It measures 58.5 inches length by 40.5 inches depth by 24 inches width.
  • It comes with a remote chute and deflector for easy control of the snow throwing direction.
  • It weighs 198.6 pounds.
  • It features adjustable skid shoes that allow it to work on different types of surfaces.
  • It has a friction-disc transmission to ensure smooth operations.
  • It has LED headlights and heated handle grips.

Husqvarna ST224 is another affordable unit that is powered by a 208cc gas engine. It is a great option for the homeowners looking for a high-quality performing snow blower to move snow from long paths and garage driveways.

Why we like it

  • It has an adjustable handle height to allow comfortable use.
  • It features heated handle grips to keep your hands warm while in the cold weather.
  • It is an efficient system with a high throwing distance.
  • It has been designed for occasional use in various snow conditions.
  • The LED headlights give you light when working at night or foggy day.
  • It can work on various types of surfaces.
  • The electric starter ignites the machine in all weather conditions.

What we don’t like

  • It is more expensive than many options under $1000.

Our Verdict

We recommend the Husqvarna ST224 for it is efficient and delivers high performance. It will work regardless of your surface type and clears broad pathways and driveways. It has a friction-disc transmission to ensure smooth operation.

YARDMAX YB5765 Two-Stage 196cc Snow Blower

Key Features

  • It comes with a 196cc recoil start.
  • It has a self-propelled drive with two reverse and five forward speeds.
  • It has an ax-shaped housing, and serrated steel augers.
  • It features a high-speed impeller and an extended chute.
  • It comes with an aluminum gear case with synthetic gear oil as well as alloy steel gears.
  • It has a standard pin-lock axle that provides a 1-wheel drive for better maneuverability and 2-wheel drive for increased traction.

This is yet another affordable smart snow blower that guarantees to get the work done right, without over-exerting or overpaying for it. YARDMAX YB5765 is an ideal solution for clearing snow off your driveways and pavements. Moreover, it delivers a perfect combination of performance and practicality. If you are a professional contractor or typical homeowner, this product can be the right choice for your snow problems.

Why we like it

  • You don’t hassle much to start it.
  • It comes with multiple speeds.
  • The steel augers slice efficiently through the hard-packed ice and snow.
  • It is self-propelled, so it only takes you less effort to move it through the snow.
  • The ax-shaped housing is designed for chopping through the snow.
  • It comes with synthetic gear oil that helps in extending the machine’s performance.
  • The high-speed impeller is created to consume more snow while the extended chute keeps a tighter discharge.
  • It has a simple assembly.
  • There is a control crank that allows adjustments of the chute on the fly.
  • It has easy to access controls.
  • It comes with LED headlights for visibility in the dark and cup holder.
  • It has heated hand grips to deliver maximum comfort in the harshest weather.

What we don’t like

  • Its repairs are expensive.

Our Verdict

This machine boasts of both robust features and value. It has an impressive throwing capacity and starts quickly, even in cold conditions. Furthermore, it has a durable construction, and we would recommend it to homeowners with a tighter budget. The unit has a user-friendly design, which is useful if you are a beginner.

Briggs & Stratton S1024 24-inch Two-Stage Snow Blower

Key Features

  • It has a snow clearing width of 24 inches and an intake depth of 20 inches.
  • It features a push-button electric start.
  • It comes with a friction-disc transmission for heavy snowfall conditions.
  • It features reversible steel skid shoes and free-hand control.
  • It features a three-year engine and equipment warranty.
  • It offers a torque of 9.5 pounds-foot.

With this Briggs & Stratton S1024 Two-Stage system, you can clear a wide path of 24 inches wide and an intake height of 20 inches. It starts effortlessly, even in the coldest weather. It is best because it allows a free-hand operation to eliminate the simple struggles of operating a two-stage snow blower.

Why we like it

  • It has extreme efficiency in clearing snow off pathways, driveways, and sidewalks.
  • It starts quickly with a press of a push button, even in the harshest conditions.
  • The friction disc transmission helps you to move snow down to the pavements and allows smoother operation.
  • It comes with an on-panel deflector control to prevent blowbacks.
  • The dash-mounted chute rotation gives you the control of the snow discharge direction.
  • It uses a powerful 950seriez 208cc engine.
  • There is free-hand control to allow you to drive your snow thrower with only one hand while the other uses the controls.
  • The skid shoes make it easy to plow through the snow.

What we don’t like

  • It is hard to assemble.
  • It may be difficult to move heavy, wet snow.

Our Verdict

Briggs & Stratton S1024 is perfect for basic snow bowing as it features a medium-duty construction. It is backed with a three-year warranty for the equipment and engine, so don’t worry about its quality. The system ignites effortlessly under all weather conditions.

PowerSmart PSS2240C 24-inch Two Stage Electric Start Gas Snow Blower

Key Features

  • It features a 212cc PowerSmart powerful engine that offers efficient snow clearing.
  • The blower auger has a clearing diameter of 24-inch and clearing height of 20-inch.
  • Its drive system offers six-forward and two-backward speeds.
  • It has a 180-degree chute rotation.
  • It comes with 13-inch inflatable tires with deep tread bites for better traction into slippery terrain.
  • It features adjustable metal skid shoes.
  • It is CARB compliant.

This is a famous brand with robust and durable tools for various applications. The two-stage snow blower model designed by them is gas-powered and offers a solution for your snowfall problems in winter. Although it’s affordable, it comes with great features that outperform some expensive models in the market.

Why we like it

  • It has a powerful clearing action and comes with a PowerSmart thermos mug.
  • It has a large clearing housing, which is perfect for regions with heavy snowfall.
  • The multiple speeds enhance driving convenience.
  • The metal skid shoes enable you to adjust the height for smooth operation on rugged surfaces.
  • There are track tires to offer maximum traction.
  • It is constructed with a heavy-duty auger system and frame for dependable service.
  • It has a considerable snow throwing distance of 40 feet away from your pathway or driveway.
  • It comes with an electric start with up to -20F.

What we don’t like

  • It might take some time to assemble it.

Our Verdict

The best thing about this gas-powered snow blower is that it features a versatile drive system with varying speeds for better user control. It is safer as it includes a CARB compliant. Additionally, it is backed with a two years warranty as a guarantee for its durability and power.

Buying Guide

Most of these snow blowers are designed especially for heavy-duty and commercial usage. They are efficient, more powerful, and work quickly to remove snow from your driveways and garage paths.So, here are detailed facts of what determines a better snow blower machine.


A snow blower auger is a tool-like head with a spiral-like design fitted with various blades that lets you cut through the snow. It cuts down, chops, and then discharges it out of the machine through the chute to leave a clean way.

It is important to check the material used for the construction of the drill before buying a snow blower. Mostly, augers are made of steel, but you may encounter some designed from plastic. In general, the steel augers are more potent and durable than the plastic ones. There are drills with up to four blades, and a higher number of blades allow you to carve and remove snow from the driveway or sidewalks smoothly.

Engine or Motor Power

You have to choose a powerful engine or motor type for your snow blower to ensure you won’t face any power problems while operating. The higher power rating is better for removing the hardened snow. Most snow blowers come with different speed triggers to control and adjust the speed or power desired to complete the task faster and efficiently.

Snow Moving Capacity

The blade depth and width of the machine gives you an idea of its performance. But to figure out its performance, you have to check out it’s clearing capacity. The snow blower moving size is given in terms of tons per hour or pounds per minute. For instance, you might find machines with a moving capacity of 700 pounds or 800 pounds, if your budget allows, you should go for the unit with higher ratings.

Tires Size

You should look for a snow blower that is easy to use through the snow without much effort. One of the features that make the machine more comfortable to work with is wheels. The wheels should be large-sized for better traction. A snow blower with 15-inch wheels will perform better than that with 6-inch wheels. The large tires will also save you time when clearing snow. For straight and hassle-free driving, you can go for airless tires. These wheels have high traction, reduce sidetracking, never go flat, and are maintenance-free.

Stage Type

There are various snow blowers in the market, which are single-stage, two-stage, and three-stage blowers. They all can dig, break down, and throw off snow using an auger. When choosing the right model you should consider the stage type depending on your needs. You can invest in a two-stage stage blower if you experience heavy snowfall or a gravel driveway. Its auger scoops up the snow without touching the surface, clearing snow off the gravel driveway without damage.

Warranty and Durability

If you live in an area with higher snowfall, then you have no choice but to look for the best snow blower, failure to which you risk breaking your back while shoveling. These machines help to clear hardened and deep snow from your property. So in winter, you will have to remove snow frequently, which results in wear and tear of your unit. Therefore, acquiring one with a warranty to cover such issues will be the best solution. Also, get a snow blower with durable construction and reliability.

Weight and Size

Snow blowers are available in different sizes and shapes. For quick and easy operation, you have to look for the unit’s weight and size that you can handle comfortably. To be precise, a small compact snow blower is quick to maneuver through the snow and clear any corner. It can fit in limited space.

Additional Features

Some added features help to enhance the ease of use of a snow blower. These features are useful for an effective, easy, and quick usage of the unit. There are functions like heated hand grips, electric start, cup holder, reversible skid shoes, adjustable chute rotation and deflector, and easy access to controls.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I store a Snow Blower while not using It?

The snow blower should be stored in a shattered area while covered to keep it safe from inflammable and extreme temperatures. You should also store it in a clean and dry place. Besides, you must ensure the engine has cooled completely to prevent damage. No corrosive materials should be kept near it.

Can I use my Snow Blower on a Gravel Driveway?

This depends on the kind of snow blower you are using to remove the snow. There are snow blowers recommended for that job. If you use the wrong machine, it could cause accidents like breaking your glass windows or hitting your neighbor’s head with a stone.

Final Thoughts

There are still the best snow blowers under 1000 in the market today that can tackle your snow blowing jobs perfectly well. The units look gorgeous and offer higher performance. The best 2 stage snow blower is Snow Joe iON8024 Cordless Two-Stage Snow Thrower as it provides excellent features with TracAssist tires included for superior maneuverability. It comes with a brushless motor to increase its service time.

Best Snow Blowers under $1000
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