Best Battery Powered Lawn Mowers

Cordless lawn mowers are quiet, easy to handle, lightweight, and hassle-free, making them a great choice for lawn maintenance. Their convenience surpasses that of corded electric mowers, as they eliminate the strains of pulling around a power cord. These mowers also display greater versatility compared to other types of lawn mowers, due to their lack of dependence on a power cord.

Unlike gas-powered lawn mowers, these mowers require little strength to push around, which prevents unnecessary fatigue. Battery lawn mowers are also very effective and environmentally friendly as they do not emit any harmful gases. We have researched and prepared a review and a guide to help find the right lawnmower.


Battery Powered Lawn Mower Reviews

1. Greenworks 2501202 Battery Powered Cordless Lawn Mower

Key Features

  • It is easy to start with a push button
  • It uses brushless motor for great commanding power
  • It is cordless
  • It allows for smooth operation and super quiet
  • It has excellent cut load sensing technology

The Greenworks 2501202 cordless lawn mower is our top pick. It comes with a great 80V 4.0 Ah battery that offers 60 minutes of run time, making it the most suitable machine for effortless lawn mowing. The 21-inch cordless lawn mower comes with both the charger and battery, which means you will not have to spend extra money on acquiring these parts.

Besides, the product boasts of smart technology as it comes from a reputable brand that has years of proven experience in making home tools. Greenworks provides a wide variety of commercial grade tools that allows for professional performance. It also offers great power and also features 1-3/4 inches cutting height making it ideal mowing even the toughest grasses on your lawn.

The Greenworks Lawn Mower is designed with a brushless motor that offers your portable machine longer running time than its competitors. It also provides more power and torque as compared to other mowers in its category. With the brushless motor performance, the tool is able to deliver great performance with less wear and tear, making it last longer and serve you better. It also features a smart cut load sensing technology and also includes great 3-in-1 discharge features for effective mulching and rear and side discharge.

Why we like it

  • It comes with push start button
  • It is durable
  • It is fast charging
  • It has an excellent design that allows for vertical storage
  • It has large 10-inch rear wheels

What we don’t like

  • Relatively poor design that does not allow for easier folding

Best Premium

2. Greenworks MO80L410 Brush SelfPropelled Cordless Lawn Mower

Key Features

  • It comes with brushless motor for quiet operation and great performance
  • It has push-button start
  • It comes with unique smart cut sensing technology
  • It has a durable 21-inch steel deck
  • It allows vertical storage feature for easier storage
  • It has a 3-in-1 design for mulching, side discharge and rear bagging of grass clippings
  • It uses a powerful battery that provides 45-minute runtime
  • It has 7-position single handle height adjustment

If you are looking for a heavy-duty lawn mower, then Greenworks MO80L410 cordless lawn mower offers a great option. As the name suggests, the lawn mower is an 80V tool that offers up to 45 minutes of run time if its 4Ah battery is fully charged. However, it is good to mention that the run time differs depending on the operator’s technique and grass condition.

The Greenworks 80V lawn mower features a 3-in-1 design that enables you to mulch, side discharge and rear bag your grass clippings. It also comes with a lightweight, compact design for easier storage, convenience and enhanced portability. The lawn mower features a vertical storage design that allows you to save up to 70% space in your garage.

Besides, it includes a durable 21-inch steel deck that enables to clear large areas of lawn grass easily and quickly. It is also designed with a self-propelled rear wheel drive that can be effortlessly adjusted to suit your needs. It boasts unique smart cut technology that helps increase the blade’s speed automatically when necessary.

Why we like it

  • It comes with a durable steel deck
  • It allows you to adjust the height
  • It enables to store vertically, which saves up to 70% space
  • It is designed with brushless motor for greater performance
  • It includes battery and charge
  • It provides great durability making it ideal for heavy duty jobs

What we don’t like

  • Folding function not suitable for people with limited mobility
  • Lacks great air movement that is enough to lift all grass blades

3. Sun Joe Mulching Battery Powered Lawn Mower

Key Features

  • It comes with brushless motor for maximum performance
  • It has a durable 17-inch steel blade
  • It includes 11 gallons collection bag
  • It comes with easy-glide wheels for improved mobility
  • It has a 6-position adjustable deck

The Sun Joe features a great design that makes it ideal for small, neat yards. With the lightweight design, the cordless lawn mower is easy to move around, which reduces unnecessary fatigue. The overall design ensures that the machine provides excellent cut quality without making any disturbing noises.

It offers great power that makes it a suitable mowing machine for small to medium lawns. Moreover, the Sun Joe comes with a 14-inch wide durable steel blade that provides crisp cuts with excellent precision in a single pass. It also includes two 4.0 Ah batteries that provide 65 minutes runtime when they are fully charged.

The battery powered lawn mower comes with an adjustable deck for convenient operation and usage. With the adjustable deck, you can tailor the cutting height to 3 different positions. Besides, the lawn mower comes with a two-year warranty.

The Sun Joe lawn mower comes with a 670 W brushless motor that is specially designed for efficiency. It provides you with great performance and serves you longer. Apart from the brushless motor, the lawn mower includes a durable 17-inch steel blade that allows you to make even cuts.

Why we like it

  • It offers a large mowing width
  • It features 6 heights
  • It comes with easy-glide wheels
  • It offers 65 minutes runtime
  • It features a large grass collection bag to prevent lawn clippings littering
  • It includes two batteries

What we don’t like

  • Mower heats up whenever the blade meets a thick patch of grass
  • Relatively small cutting width

4. Greenworks 40V Twin Force Cordless Lawn Mower

Key Features

  • It has advanced smart cut technology
  • It features 5-position single level
  • It comes with dual blades for better cut quality and better bagging and mulching
  • It offers 4G-max 40V battery power
  • It is Super quiet and provides smooth operation
  • It comes with 20-inch cutting deck

This is another top-quality cordless lawn mower from the popular brand, Greenworks. This battery lawnmower includes a G-max 40 V Li-Ion system that offers great runtime when fully charged. Apart from the dependable runtime, it is also compatible with various tools from the brand, which helps you save money that you would have spent in acquiring batteries for various tools.

The Twin Force lawn mower includes a 2 Ah battery, a 4 Ah battery and a charger. Once the power from the main battery is used up, the machine switches to the backup automatically to enjoy a longer uninterrupted running time. It also comes with a 20-inch cutting deck that provides an excellent balance of cutting capacity and maneuverability. With the wide cutting deck, the Greenworks model is ideal for medium-sized lawns.

Moreover, the lawn mower features advanced cut technology that automatically adjusts for running time and power based on the thick of the grass on your lawn. It also includes dual blades that offer better bagging and mulching and most importantly, greater cut quality. It comes with a 5-position height adjustable deck, which gives you a perfect cutting range for special needs.

Why we like it

  • It has smart cut technology
  • It comes with excellent cutting deck for better cutting
  • It easy to maneuver
  • It comes with a battery that offers up to 70 minutes runtime
  • It includes Dual blades

What we don’t like

  • Takes some time for beginners to learn how to operate it
  • String trimmer issues

5. WORX WG779 40V Battery Powered Lawn Mower

Key Features

  • It has a Dual-port charger
  • It comes with an On-board battery charge indicator
  • It is equipped with 6-height adjustments
  • It includes an INTELLICUT feature
  • It has a compact and lightweight design

The WORX WG779 Battery Powered Lawn Mower is powered by 40V as it includes two 20V 4.0 Ah batteries. It comes with unique patented smart technology that produces power only when the tool needs it, which helps you save your battery for longer use. Moreover, the battery powered model is designed with padded foam handles that provide a comfortable grip for convenient cutting and less fatigue.

It boasts of 6-height adjustments that allow you to change the cutting range according to your needs. The unit comes with a single level that enables you to adjust the deck to your preferred height depending on your preference and season. It also includes an INTELLICUT that offers maximum torque for tougher conditions.

Moreover, the lawn mower model is a 2-In-1 tool that allows you to mulch and bag grass clippings, which prevents littering. It also comes with a battery that is compatible with most home tools from the popular brand. The lawn mower includes a battery meter that allows you to monitor the charge while mowing.

Apart from the on-board battery charge indicator, the unit also includes a full-bag indicator that let’s know when the bag is full. The collection bag is plastic-topped, and it offers a capacity of up to 85 bushes.

Why we like it

  • It is easy to maneuver
  • It comes with 85 blushes collection bag
  • It features a dual-port charger for faster charging
  • It uses a versatile battery
  • It comes with an adjustable height deck
  • It is a super quiet and smooth operation

What we don’t like

  • The battery does not offer longer runtime
  • Batteries and charger not included

6. Snapper XD Battery Powered 82V Lawn Mower

Key Features

  • It comes with smart load sensing technology
  • It features a push button start
  • It includes a large 1.7-bushel bagger
  • It has 7 heights
  • It uses a 21-inch steel deck
  • It uses 82 Max lithium batteries
  • It comes with a 3-in-1 design

If you are looking for a battery powered model with robust built, then Snapper XD could be a great choice. It uses two 2 Ah batteries that are installed side by side on the motor housing, which provide enough power to cut a large amount of grass. The 82V max power batteries offer up to 70 minutes of runtime, making them ideal for lawns that require you to push them up hills, or you may want to consider a riding lawn mower for hills instead.

It comes with a 21-inch steel deck that allows for wide and even cut in a single pass. The mowing deck features a 3-In-1 design that enables it to bag, mulch and side discharge grass clippings effortlessly. The model is designed with a 10-inch high rear wheel that allows it to maneuver through thick grasses and muddy lawns.

Additionally, the Snapper XD lawn mower features a smart load-sensing technology for enhanced power levels. The intelligent technology offers great efficiency, which allows you to mow for a long time after a charge. It comes with a single lever, 7-position height for adjustable cutting height, which makes it ideal for various needs.

The lawn mower model includes a push button start that makes it easy to operate. It also comes with a 1.7-bushel bagger that collects a large amount of grass clippings. The unit includes one rapid charger, two lithium-ion batteries.

Why we like it

  • It comes with intelligent load-sensing technology for maximum power levels
  • It comes with a single level, 7 positions cut height adjustment
  • It has a 10-inch rear wheel
  • It includes a large bushel bagger for grass clippings
  • It features a 21-inch durable deck
  • It comes with a great design that bags, mulch and side discharge clippings effortlessly
  • It has push button start
  • It includes two batteries and one rapid charger included
  • It offers vertical storage capabilities

What we don’t like

  • Not suitable for push-pull mowing
  • Not suited for tight spots or corners

7. WORX WG743 Battery Powered Lawn Mower

Key Features

  • It has a battery charge indicator
  • It includes patented Intellicut technology
  • It features cut to the edge design
  • It has 6 cutting heights
  • It has a full bag indicator
  • It comes with foldable handle

The WORX WG743 Battery Powered Lawn Mower features a smart patented Intellicut technology that adds power when the mower finds a thick patch of grass. This feature allows you to dial the tool back to normal operation and help conserve the battery. Besides, the lawn mower model includes 6 cutting heights that allow it to suit different preferences and seasons.

It is designed with single-lever adjustments that enable you to make cutting height adjustments effortlessly. Just like the other model from the brand, the unit comes with reliable batteries that are compatible with all lifestyle and outdoor power products that require 40V to 20V. The lawn mower features cuts to the edge design that allows it to move closer to the corners, sharp spots and fences, which allows less lawn trimming.

The model comes with a full bag indicator that alerts you when it is time to empty the collection bag. It is also designed with a collapsible handle that allows for easy storage when it comes to the off-season. Moreover, the lawn mower has an on-board indicator that enables you to determine how far your battery can push you while mowing.

Why we like it

  • It has a single-level height adjustment
  • It comes with unique Intellicut technology that adds power when necessary
  • It comes with cut-to-the edge design
  • It is equipped with an on-board indicator
  • It has 6 cutting heights
  • It comes with a collapsible handle
  • It has full bag indicators

What we don’t like

  • Not super quiet
  • A new unit comes with an undesirable smell

8. EGO Power LM2100 Battery Powered Cordless Lawn Mower

Key Features

  • It has 56V ARC Lithium battery
  • It is easy and quick push button start
  • It comes with bright LED headlights
  • It has 21-Inch cutting deck
  • It comes with a single handle adjustment
  • It features a 6-position cutting height adjustment

The EGO Power LM2100 lawn mower is a premium quality tool that is easy and convenient to use. With the great design, the lawn mower provides great handle height, rolling resistance and adjustment. The battery powered lawn mower includes a single T-handle lever, which allows you to easily lower and raise the cutting deck.

The tool features an excellent mechanism that allows the drive to disconnect rapidly, which comes in handy when mowing around tight spots, corners and the fences. This enables you to easily pull back and re-engage the drive, without facing any challenge on the drivetrain. The only downside about this tool is that it features a single drive lever, which is placed on the right side. This is a small disadvantage, especially to left-hand users.

Moreover, the mower features a design that allows for quick and compact storage. It includes a handle that folds forward effortlessly. The mower comes with 6-position cutting height adjustments that allow a range of between 1.5” to 4”.The EGO Power tool includes a 21-inch that allows for even and precise cut in a single pass. It also features an easy push-button start for quick mower operation. It also offers a 3-in-1 function, which means it can bag, mulch and side discharge grass clippings.

Why we like it

  • It comes with a reliable battery that offers up to 45 minutes runtime
  • It has bright LED headlights for harsh weather mowing
  • It has a 3-in-1 function: bagging, mulching and side discharge
  • It includes 6-position cutting height adjustments
  • It is equipped with 21-inch cutting deck
  • It has advanced technology for great performance and energy efficiency
  • It features a weather-resistant construction

What we don’t like

  • Battery not included in the kit
  • Switches and wiring are considerably poorly made

9. BLACK+DECKER CM1640 40V Battery Powered Lawn Mower

Key Features

  • It features 6 heights
  • It has collapsible handles
  • It features a compact and lightweight design
  • It has 9.5-gallon grass clippings bag
  • It includes a single lever height adjustment
  • It has a push button start
  • It comes with 40V max power

This battery powered cordless lawn mower features a compact and lightweight design making a perfect tool for small to medium yards. The lawn mower comes with a 6-position height adjustable that provides a cut range of between 1-1/10” and 3-1/10”. It also features a unique design that allows for easier and convenient storage.

The tool includes collapsible handles that fold easily, which makes the mower ideal for people with limited mobility. It also comes with a 9.5 gallons grass clippings collection bag that is made from a soft fabric and hard top. The mower includes two 40V lithium batteries and a charger.

Why we like it

  • It includes foldable handles for quick and convenient storage
  • It allows for easy starting
  • It offers 40V max cordless power
  • It includes two batteries and a charger
  • It has 6-position height settings
  • It comes with a Carrying handle
  • It is equipped with a 9.5-gallon grass clippings collection bag

What we don’t like

  • It comes with a 16-inch compact deck
  • Relatively poor blade design
  • The battery offers a relatively short runtime

10. HENX Battery Powered 16-Inch Deck Lawn Mower

Key Features

  • It has a durable 16-inch cutting deck
  • It comes with a 3-in-1 function
  • It features a 7-deck adjustment
  • It includes a foldable handle design
  • It uses a brushless motor

The HENX Lawn Mower model is a relatively new unit in the market, but it is a product that offers great features. It comes with a brushless motor that provides great performance and efficiency. With the brushless motor, the model can offer equivalent power to gas powered units without any emissions and with low noise and enhanced durability.

Moreover, the model is equipped with 7-position Deck height adjustment that offers a cutting range of between 0.98-inch to 2.95-inch. This makes it an ideal mowing tool in almost all environments. It also includes multiple handles for height positions adjustments making it comfortable for every user.

The lawn mower is equipped with a 16-inch cutting deck that provides the much-needed balance between cutting capacity and maneuverability. This enables you to comfortably and efficiently mow small to medium yards.

This mulching lawn mower also comes with a foldable handle that allows for quick and convenient storage and transportation. Besides, it includes all-terrain wheels in the rear and rugged front that allows it to get into tight spaces while mowing. The unit is equipped with a 3-in-1 function, which includes rear bagging, mulching and side discharge system. It also includes a 45L grass clippings collection bag and grass indicator window to enable you to know when to empty it.

Why we like it

  • It is equipped with powerful brushless motor
  • It comes with 16-inch cutting deck
  • It features a foldable handle design for easy and convenient storage and transportation
  • It has a 3-in-1 function
  • It comes with a rugged front and all-terrain rear wheels

What we don’t like

  • No reviews yet since it is a considerably new tool
  • A relatively small collection bag

Buying Guide

Choosing the right lawn mower can be a daunting task, especially with the high number of products in the market and features to consider. Therefore, it is important to be well-informed before acquiring one. Buying a lawn mower without proper knowledge might cause you to end up with a product that does not meet your requirements. Here we look at the key features and considerations that you have to make.


The runtime is one of the most important features to consider when you are looking for the best battery powered lawn mower. To understand how much runtime the mower’s battery store, you need to read its amp-hour information and compare it with its competitors. Cordless lawn mowers offer two options when it comes to power ratings, 2.0 Ah or 4.0 Ah. It is advisable to choose mowers that feature batteries with a higher rating as they offer long battery life.

Usually, lawn mowers can operate for 30 minutes to one hour before charging, which means that they can cut 5,000 to 10,000 square feet of grass in your lawn. The size of your lawns can also influence the decision on the right runtime since you only need long runtime if you have larger lawns, like if you need to mow a half acre lot. Lawn mowers with short runtime can serve you perfectly if you have medium or small lawns.

Power Rating

Power is one of the most significant things when it comes to the performance of a lawn mower. Battery mowers feature a power rating that is represented in volts. Choosing underpowered will cause you problems when it comes to mowing lawns with tough grass.

Most models come with a battery power that ranges from 36 to 120 volts. Lawn mowers with over 70 volts offer better performance as compared with those with lower voltage. However, these models are expensive and heavy.

Blade or Deck Width

It is also important to check how wide a model can mow in a single pass. Choosing a model with15-inch deck will take about 33% more time as compared to a lawn mower that features a 20-inch deck. Usually, battery models feature a deck width that ranges between 14 to 20 inches.

Blade Speed

The other excellent way to test the performance of the lawn mower is considering the blade speed. Models with higher blade speed provide greater cutting performance and also offer precise cuts. Blades speed is measured in rounds per minute or RPM.

Various cordless lawn mowers provide different blade speeds, but 1500 RPM and 2000 RPM are the most common options. Models with 2000 RPM provide a better cutting performance, but it is good to mention that most units feature a variable speed trigger.

The blade speed will also depend on what grass you are cutting. For example, if you are looking for a lawn mower for St. Augustine grass then you will want a slower speed, probably even a rotary mower.

Battery Type

Lithium batteries are the most common when it comes to most units in the market today. These batteries are lighter, more efficient, last longer and most importantly less expensive as compared to other types. However, some models may come with heavy lead-acid batteries, which usually require to be replaced and recharged often.

Height Adjustment

It is good to purchase a machine that allows for cutting deck position adjustment, as it ensures that you do not end up cutting too low to the ground. The best battery powered lawn mower features up to 3 alternating deck levels that allow you to adjust them depending with the grass height.

Mower size and weight

This is another significant feature to have in mind when in the market for battery powered models, especially if you have limited mobility. Heavy lawn mowers are not suitable for older adults, and they also cause unnecessary fatigue to other users. Most cordless models are 40 to 90 pounds in weight.

Warranty and Price

Cordless models cost between $260 to $1000, which means that you should choose the right lawn mower depending on your budget. For warranty, some models offer a 2 or 3-year warranty while others even come with a 5-year warranty. Usually, products with a long warranty tend to last longer than their counterparts. See our buyers guides on finding the best lawn mower under 300 and 400 dollars.

Ease of Use

The best battery powered lawn mowers come with great features that make them easy to use. It should offer easy ways to start and turn them off. The model should also provide a simple procedure to charge and remove the battery. Besides, the model should also be easy to make adjustments, pack and also store.

Final Thoughts

Battery powered lawn mowers offer great benefits as compared to other options in the market today. It allows you to mow freely without getting tethered by the power cord and also without having to inhale emissions that are produced by gas powered mowers. Besides, these models also offer a better way to save money as you do not have to buy gas.

Best Battery Powered Lawn Mowers
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