Best Lawn Mowers for a 1/2 Acre Lot

The task of mowing a half-acre lot is quite significant. Thankfully, there’s a multitude of excellent mowers available in today’s market that can accomplish this task effectively. Following is our selection of the finest lawn mowers designed for a 1/2 acre lot.

Our Top Picks:

Greenworks G-MAX 40V Cordless Lawn Mower
Our Top Pick
Greenworks G-MAX 40V Cordless Lawn Mower

High performance & a long lasting battery makes this perfect for a half acre lot

WORX WG779 40V Power Share Lawn Mower
Runner Up
WORX WG779 40V Power Share Lawn Mower

2 Lithium Ion Batteries for long run-time. 


Best Mowers for a Half Acre Lot

1. Black + Decker Cordless CM2043C Lawn Mower

Key Features

  • It has one-lever cutting height adjustment that ranges between 1.5 inches to 4 inches.
  • It is backed up with a three years limited warranty.
  • It has a cutting path of 20 inches.
  • It features a 3-in-1 design with side discharge and bagging and mulching capabilities.
  • It comes with two 40V max Lithium-Ion batteries for a double runtime.
  • It features 10-inch rear wheels for easy maneuverability.
  • It features an edge max design.

Black +Decker mower is a perfect option for areas without electricity as it has a cordless design. It allows you to move around the yard even to the furthest corners. As such, it’s powered by two Lithium-Ion batteries that provide longer runtime allowing you to finish your mowing chores without recharging frequently.

Why we like it

  • It gives you grass clippings discharge options.
  • It allows you to spend less trimming time and mow up to edges.
  • It is ideal for mowing up to ¼ acre.
  • It has a variable speed motor allowing you to conserve the batteries for greater runtime and efficiency.
  • It is designed to mow up to ⅓ of an acre with a full charge.
  • It features a lightweight and high-impact polymer deck.
  • It can fold easily for compact and upright storage.
  • It comes with a comfortable non-slip grip.
  • It starts easily.

What we don’t like

  • It is costly.
  • It lacks a steel deck.

Our Verdict

This is an excellent option for those in remote areas without electricity because the batteries can power the mower to cut through half an acre with a single charge. It has excellent features to make your mowing a breeze.

2. Greenworks 20-inch 25022 Electric Corded Lawn Mower

Key Features

  • It features a three-in-one design with mulching capabilities, rear bag, and side discharge.
  • It comes with seven-position height adjustments that offer cutting height ranging from 1 ½ inches to 3 ¾ inches for all grass types.
  • It has a push-button for easy and quicker starting. It also comes with a manual driving system.
  • It features a four years tool warranty to cover the investment.
  • It uses a powerful 12Amp motor.
  • It features a 20-inch cutting path for quick mowing.

This is an excellent lawn mower for lot for both beginners and experienced users as it is easy to use and operate, making landscaping a breeze. It features a corded design that enables unlimited mowing, which saves you much time. Besides, this mower comes with excellent grass cutting functions, which gives the ability to mulch, side, and bag discharge.

Why we like it

  • It is perfect for small to medium lawns.
  • It has a stamped steel deck to improve its durability.
  • The motor is powerful enough to offer tough mulching and cutting power.
  • It is easy to maneuver.
  • It has foldable handles for easy storage and transportation.
  • It comes with an integrated cord lock to avoid accidental cord disconnections.
  • It is energy efficient.
  • It has wide rear and front wheels for comfort.
  • It has a durable stainless steel handle.

What we don’t like

  • The corded option may limit your mowing distance.

Our Verdict

We recommend this mower for those looking for a corded three-in-one designed mower for their half-acre lot. It has a durable cutting deck and cord lock to prevent accidents. It is perfect for those with small storage space because it has a cam lock handle for easy folding when storing.

3. American Lawn Mower Company Grey 16-Inch 1415-16 Push Reel Lawn Mower

Key Features

  • It is a five-blade reel with a 16-inch cutting width.
  • It comes with durable 10-inch polymer wheels.
  • It features an adjustable blade height with a range of 1-inch to 2.5-inch.
  • It has manual grass-cutter blades that are made of heat-treated alloy.
  • It is self-propelled with cutting heights of ½ to 2 ¼ inches.

Here is yet another amazing lawn mower from American Lawn Mower Company that is versatile enough to mow dandelions, weeds, and grass. It is lightweight, hence easy to maneuver through flower beds. Moreover, the unit is planet-conscious and quiet with a sturdy blade.

Why we like it

  • The polymer wheels provide maximum maneuverability.
  • It features adjustable height positions allowing you to cut your desired grass length easily.
  • The alloy steel blades stay sharp for an extended period.
  • It is environmentally-friendly and is a better alternative to the gas-powered options.
  • It is easy to use and lightweight.
  • It is noise-free and pollution-free.
  • It requires less maintenance.
  • It has a durable and comfortable cushioned handle.

What we don’t like

  • It is not suitable for bigger lawns.

Our Verdict

The mechanic mower is an environmentally-friendly and excellent alternative to gas models. Besides, it’s a great choice; if you are looking for a mess-free and easy to use lawn mower. This mower runs on manpower saving you electricity, oil, and gasoline bills while eliminating the air and noise pollution.

4. WORX WG779 14-Inch 40V Lawn Mower

Key Features

  • It has ergonomic handles to provide improved handling comfort.
  • It comes with a single lever with six height adjustments.
  • It uses intellicut technology.
  • It has a 2-in-1 design with rear bag and mulching capabilities.
  • It comes with an on-board battery charge indicator.
  • It features a dual-port charger.

WORX WG779 is an excellent lawn mower with exciting features that make your mowing experience a breeze. It features two powerful Lithium-Ion batteries that ensure you won’t run out of power while mowing a half-acre lot. It is designed with an intellicut technology that helps to supply power on demand. On top of that, it lengthens the battery’s runtime, which makes it one of the most responsive mowers.

Why we like it

  • The intellicut feature offers a torque on demand during harsh conditions.
  • There are different height positions adjustments allowing you to cut your lawn depending on your preference.
  • It has mulching and rear bagging functionality.
  • It comes with a full bag indicator to let you know the time to empty.
  • It is compact and lightweight, making it easier to maneuver.
  • It is energy-efficient and cost-effective.

What we don’t like

  • It lacks a warranty.

Our Verdict

We recommend this unit for seniors and the elderly as it comes with well designed ergonomic handles to help reduce fatigue when mowing. The cutting height adjustments allow a tailor-cut grass grooming, making your lawn stand out among your neighborhood.

5. Black + Decker MTE912 3-in-1 6.5-Amp Lawn Mower

Key Features

  • It features a 6.5Amp motor that provides enough power to cut tough grass.
  • It has cutting heights that range between 1.6 inches to 2.4 inches.
  • It comes with an AFS automatic feed system.
  • It has a gear drive transmission to prevent the machine from bogging down.
  • It has a 3-in-1 design with three types of landscaping functions.
  • It comes with an auxiliary handle.

This is another excellent kind of lawn mower that delivers credible performance at all times. It is perfect for small scale lawns ranging from half an acre lot and below. Being an electric motor mower, it is easier to use and move around the lawn. Furthermore, it comes with a long power cord to enable you to cut long distances when needed.

Why we like it

  • It delivers maximum performance.
  • It acts as both edger and trimmer thanks to its smaller footprint construction.
  • It clears a yard of up to 1,200 square feet and can mow hard to reach areas and small inclines.
  • It is perfect for those with limited storage space.
  • It comes with a durable base deck with four wheels that secures the Black +Decker string edger and trimmer.
  • It has a 12-inch cutting swath.
  • Its deck has two height adjustment options that lower or raise all the four wheels.
  • The automatic feed system allows automatic and continuous line advancement.
  • It has a lightweight, ergonomic design for easy maneuverability.
  • It has a foot pedal release that enables quick removal and insertion of the edger/trimmer.

What we don’t like

  • It doesn’t come with an extension cord.

Our Verdict

We recommend this product as it is designed for maximum control and comfort. It has an ergonomic lightweight design that allows easy maneuvering and operation. It is perfect for those with a half-acre lot or less.

6. Greenworks G-Max MO40B01 17-Inch Cordless Lawn Mower

Key Features

  • It comes with an efficient 40V lithium battery system.
  • It features a 17-inch deck that is lightweight and versatile.
  • It has a 2-in-1 design with the mulching capability and rear bagging.
  • It is designed with a single lever five-position height adjustments with a range of 1 ¼ to 3 ⅜ inches.

With a cordless construction, the Greenworks G-Max MO40B01 mower is a suitable choice for mowing each corner of your lawn, including the places where electricity is inaccessible. As such, it comes with two Lithium-Ion batteries that provide up to 60 minutes runtime.

Why we like it

  • It is perfect for yards of up to a half-acre lot.
  • It has a longer runtime than many other battery-powered machines.
  • It delivers clean cuts with no fumes or oil mess.
  • It requires less maintenance.
  • It offers different cutting heights for a better mowing experience.
  • The two-in-one design offers multiple uses.

What we don’t like

  • The charger and battery are not included.

Our Verdict

This is lightweight and easy to move along the flower beds and trees as it comes with a 17-inch deck. You can now mow your lawn without producing any toxic chemicals or making noise for the neighbors. Among its features are the different height adjustment and varying wheel sizes for maneuverability.

7. Green Sun Joe MJ401E 14-Inch Lawn Mower

Key Features

  • It uses a powerful 13-amp motor with a 14-inch cutting path.
  • It has an adjustable deck with a tailor cutting height with three-position height control.
  • It includes a 10.6-gallon bag.
  • It is backed with a two years warranty.
  • It has a manual height control adjustment with heights ranging from 1.18 inches to 2.52 inches.
  • It weighs 29lbs only.

If you need an affordable and easy to use machine, go for Sun Joe MJ401E as it is perfect for a ½ acre lot. It features a small size deck that allows easy maneuvering around obstacles like flower beds while its durable steel blades provide precise cutting for a beautiful and neat looking lawn.

Why we like it

  • It is compact and lightweight.
  • It is easy to maneuver in tighter spaces.
  • It comes with a collapsible handle for compact and easy storage.
  • It comes with a push-button for a quick start.
  • It features a hard-top rear bag for quick grass clippings disposal.
  • It has rugged wheels for all terrains.

What we don’t like

  • It lacks mulching capabilities.

Our Verdict

Here is an amazing lawn mower with the power to mow without polluting air with toxic carbon emissions. It comes with all-terrain wheels that are easy to maneuver through tight spaces; therefore, it is ideal for a lawn with flower beds.

8. Craftsman M105 140cc 3-in-1 gas-Powered Lawn Mower

Key Features

  • It features 8-inch rear and 7-inch front wheels.
  • It is created with 3-in-1 capabilities.
  • It weighs 65 lbs.
  • It features a cutting width of 21 inches.
  • It includes engine oil and one bagger.
  • It comes with a two years warranty.

The Craftsman M105 lawn mower is designed to cut the desired grass height for a better environment as it is equipped with a dual lever for perfect height adjustment. Moreover, it comes with a three-in-one design with mulching, rear, and side discharge capabilities.

Why we like it

  • It requires minor assembly.
  • It is equipped with auto choke and recoil.
  • The 21-inch deck allows you to mow broad areas with only a few passes.
  • The zag treaded wheels provide more traction while mowing the lawn.
  • It comes with a 140cc engine for efficient mowing.
  • It has an attached bag for easy grass clippings discharge.

What we don’t like

  • It is not self-propelled.
  • It starts by pulling a cord.

Our Verdict

This lawn mower features the capabilities that ensure you get the best mowing experience for your half acre lot. It is designed to operate without lagging, for it comes with zag treaded wheels for easy mobility around the yard. Not to mention its wide deck that allows you to mow the yard with just a few passes.

9. Greenworks 16-Inch 25052 Reel Lawn Mower

Key Features

  • It features a 16-inch cutting path.
  • It has four positions for height adjustment with a range of 1 ⅛ to 2 ¼ inches.
  • It is created with a 2-in-1 design.
  • It features 2-inch rear rollers and 10-inch front wheels.

Greenworks 25052 Reel lawn mower offers the quality you are looking for in an excellent unit. If you are looking for something that will make your mowing job a breeze, and return to your weekend activities.

Why we like it

  • The rollers and wheels allow easy maneuvering across the yard.
  • It has mulching, rear bag functionality.
  • It doesn’t need maintenance or tune-ups.
  • It operates without making a sound.
  • It is easy to use for a healthy lawn.

What we don’t like

  • It needs assembly.

Our Verdict

This is an excellent option for a residential area as it operates quietly without disturbing other people. It is quality and won’t produce fumes or toxic emissions.

How to Choose the Best Lawn Mower for a Half Acre Lot

Lawn mowing is one of the chores you have to do regularly to make your home look attractive, beautiful and retain the resale value. Moreover, lawn mowers are available in different styles and designs, but you will find common ones like robotic mowers, self-propelled mowers, riding mowers, and push mowers.

As you already know, many companies have emerged over the years and are producing vast tones of mowers that could get you confused while making a purchase. However, we will help you reduce the list of best lawn mowers for half-acre lots to the ten best based on their design, longevity, user experience, and performance.

Additionally, when purchasing a lawn mower, there are several things to consider, especially if you have a lawn that is approximately ½ acre as it requires you to be specific to the features.

Cutting height

The mower’s cutting height is crucial while choosing the best machine because there are models that allow you to adjust the heights for the desired grass length. This is not a common feature in all lawn mowers, so you need to be careful, especially if you have long grass. The adjustable cutting height positions are better because you might need to cut different grass heights for different occasions. Depending on the type of grass you are cutting, you way want to look at different models. Here is the best lawn mower for Bermuda grass


Your lawn’s terrain is yet another significant consideration while selecting the best lawn mower. If your yard is relatively flat, a push mower will do a perfect landscaping job. On the other hand, a hilly lawn will need a self-propelled machine that will reduce the strain of navigating through the grass. If you have rocks, fountains, and flower beds on the lawn, you should opt for a unit with a zero-turn radius. Those are the best models to steer close to obstacles easily than the standard mowers.

Mode of grass discharge

There are three ways of discharging clippings, including mulching, rear bagging, and side discharge. So it depends on the type of mode they prefer for your lawn mower. For instance, you will encounter mowers designed for side discharge only while others are versatile with all the three discharge modes. You can buy mulching lawn mowers. With a versatile mower, you will have an option to choose the way you want to discharge the clippings.

Unfortunately, this type of mowers is pricier, and you may have to shop for the bagger at a separate fee. The rear bagging prompts for regular emptying and especially if you get a smaller bag. On the other hand, side discharge mowers are cheaper, although the clippings are spread throughout the lawn for later cleaning, which could be tedious.

Deck size

While looking for a lawn mower, you should consider aesthetics like trees and flowerbeds. You need to know the distance between the flowerbeds and trees so that the mower’s deck fits through while protecting them. With narrow pathways, the mower should have a width ranging between 14 to 16 inches, while a deck width of up to 21 inches is perfect for a broad lawn.

Moreover, a bigger deck size translates to a faster mowing. Also, the mowers with big deck sizes are harder to maneuver than the smaller options, especially around obstacles.

Source of power

Currently, the typical kinds of mowers in the market are either electric or gas-powered. The gas-powered options are more powerful and can work with little interruptions. They also come with an electric start engine. Unfortunately, these models are noisy and require regular maintenance, which can be unattractive to many people.

On the other hand, there are corded electric lawn mowers that are also powerful but with unlimited runtime. However, you are limited to the cord’s length, and most people dislike them to avoid tangling with power cords.

Cordless lawn mowers are quieter, easy to run, and use. But they aren’t as powerful as the gas and corded mowers. They have limited runtime because you have to recharge them frequently.

Sharp, strong and adjustable blades

The mower should have thick, sharp, and strong blades. This is because you wouldn’t want blades that are going to damage or wear out quickly after hitting an obstacle. Furthermore, if the blades are adjustable, you can cut the lawn as desired and maintain an accurate, even, and constant cut. On the other hand, sharp blades enable you to cut your lawn grass faster.


This is a sensitive factor, and you shouldn’t break your bank when you could quickly get a cheaper machine. You can go for a straightforward lawn mower for smaller lawns that can function electrically for a modest price. However, the exceptional surfaces will need a more significant investment from your pocket. So don’t just go for any price; investigate any hidden costs to be sure. You may want to see our picks of lawn mowers under $400 & below $300.

Ease of maintenance

Most lawn mowers are easier to maintain, but you will need to choose wisely because some are hard to maintain. The petrol options come with a strict maintenance schedule that may give you a headache if you don’t follow them. Luckily, the electric models are perfect with a straightforward maintenance schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need a riding mower for ½ acre lot?

There is no need for a riding mower, although it will get the job done quickly. For yards of ¼ acre to two acres, you will probably be comfortable with residential-duty zero-turn mowers, light-duty lawn tractors, or rear-engine riding mowers. If you have a bigger lot, then you should go for a commercial-duty zero turn mower.

Can I push mow a half-acre lot?

It depends on how fast you are and the type of lawn mower you are using. Some of the push mowers have sharp blades that cut fast through the tough grass like a breeze. Also, landscaping can determine your speed.

Final Thoughts

Avoid the trouble of breaking your back and look for the best lawn mower for your ½ acre lot. We have narrowed down to the top ten best models in the market to make your choosing task easier. That said, our best choice is Greenworks 20-inch 25022 because its features stand out amongst the other products. It is designed to offer maximum performance and comfort.

Best Lawn Mowers for a 1/2 Acre Lot
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