Best 2-Stage Snow Blowers

As the temperatures drop and nights grow longer, signaling the approach of winter, people in some regions may soon face substantial snowfalls. This annual challenge of snow removal can be a lengthy ordeal, especially with fresh snow typically falling overnight. Conventional methods using a shovel can be strenuous and generally inefficient, often leaving uneven chunks of thicker ice or snow on your driveway or walkway.

\If you live in areas prone to snow, you should consider buying a 2-stage snow blower. The practical machine cuts through the snow; it grinds while aerating it using two systems of rotating blades and ejects it with a lot of force to throw it off the ground to a far distance. The machine reduces the time you spend while shoveling snow and leaves your sidewalk, driveway, or path clear within no time. Also, with high-quality models, you could manage your property comfortably.


Best Two Stage Snow Blower Reviews

YARDMAX YB5765 196cc

Key Features

  • It features a simplified assembly.
  • It comes with an easy to start YARDMAX 196cc 6.5 HP engine.
  • It has a pin-lock standard axle that provides a one-wheel drive to increase maneuverability and two-wheel drive traction.
  • The self-propelled drive offers 2 reverse and 5 forward speeds.
  • It has a high-speed impeller that consumes vast amounts of snow.
  • It features an extended chute that maintains a tight snow discharge.

This product features a superb design with a dashboard that allows for heated grips, a cup holder, power steering, chute control, and shifting for general comfort while working. It also comes with LED headlights to light your way during nights and days.

Why we like it

  • It has an axe-shaped design that chops through snow and ice.
  • It is easy to operate with a perfect handlebar height and weight balance. It allows you to work comfortably without hurting your back.
  • The self-propelling feature is also perfect for the elderly as it moves without much force.
  • There is an aluminum gear case containing synthetic gear oil and alloy steel gear to extend its performance.
  • It comes with a control crank that helps you to control the throwing direction of the snow.
  • The chute is engineered to minimize blowback and maximize snow throw.
  • It has serrated steel augers that cut through hard-packed ice and snow. This is excellent for places with higher snowfalls.

What we don’t like

  • The motor size is small.
  • It has a fragile pull rope.

Our Verdict

This is a powerful solution for clearing heavy snowfalls off your territory. It easily cuts through ice and snow. It can remove a large area and reduce your fatigue with its user-friendly design. Although the motor is small, it cuts through any hard-packed ice or snow with ease.

Briggs & Stratton 1024

Key Features

  • It has a large housing of 24 inches wide with an intake height of 20 inches.
  • It comes with three years of limited engine and equipment warranty.
  • It features a friction disk drive system.
  • It comes with an electric start to ensure effortless starting.
  • It comes with an on-panel chute deflector, and chute rotator mounted on the dash making it easier to clear unwanted ice and snow from your patio.
  • It features 14 X 14-inch tires to enhance maneuverability.

The Briggs & Stratton dual-stage snow blower is a powerful machine with a 208cc engine that drives the augers to cut through the ice and snow with ease.

Why we like it

  • It comes with reversible steel skid shoes, which make plowing a lot easier. With shoes, it becomes easier to maneuver.
  • It comes with a convenient electric start push button that makes it effortless to start even in cold weather.
  • It has single LED headlights that enable you to work even in nights and early mornings.
  • It is built to last. It has a durable aluminum, which also ensures a longer life. It is constructed using high-quality materials so that it doesn’t break like those with plastic housing.
  • The three-year warranty assures you of how quality the product is, you can return it for repair or replacement of some parts.

What we don’t like

  • Only single headlights.

Our Verdict

This is a perfect machine for places that receive regular snowfall. Homeowners looking for a dependable snow blower for their small properties will highly benefit from the product.

Poulan Pro PR270

Key Features

  • It is powered by a 254cc Poulan Pro engine.
  • It comes with a friction transmission disc.
  • It features a homeowner’s warranty that will help you get some assistance from the manufacturer in case of any problem.
  • It has an electric start button, which saves you a lot of effort and time.
  • It comes with a sturdy ribbon that breaks through ice and snow.
  • It features a remote deflector and chute controls making it easier to control the snow discharger.

If you stay in an area receiving more substantial volumes of snow frequently for extended periods, you need a piece of machine that will help you deal with deep snow and ice day after day.

Why we like it

  • It has improved steering power.
  • It is easy to assemble and doesn’t require extra tools.
  • It features a reduced tipping force.
  • It has an adjustable handle height for comfort.
  • It has a durable and powerful engine to make the work faster and easier.

What we don’t like

  • It is heavy and loud, so it may disturb your partner or neighbors.

Our Verdict

Poulan Pro is an excellent choice for a homeowner to clear large snow and light snow capacity. It lasts for more extended hours, which is enough to complete the job.

Buying Guide

When buying a snow blower, you need to check specific features to get a good pick. The model you choose should have the right features that ensure it has a high performance. Additionally, other than these features, you also have to consider a few criteria or factors before deciding which product you will invest in.

Key Features


Headlights ensure you can work any time of the day, whether early morning or night. LED headlamps are an ideal accessory for the dark days. The lights allow you to see further than using street lights.

Heated Grips

You will be in the snow when it is too cold, and therefore, you will need something to warm you up. Gloves can work but not as much as heated grips. The heated grips will make you feel better, and they are very comfortable to wear. They are not so hot that they can’t be held properly, which is suitable for icy weather.

Large Tires

This is another excellent feature that will make your experience with two-stage a lot easier. Those models with larger tires provide better traction and hence, better steering. If it can steer easy, you will be capable of removing snow quicker than the hard to drive type. Large tires help you save a lot of time during harsh winter as it takes several hours to remove snow using a smaller, hard to maneuver thrower or blower.

An electric starter

It is good to have it, although it’s not a necessity. In case you settle on a model with a manual starter, it can still be useful. The electric starter allows you to plug it into a power receptacle so that you don’t go the old-fashioned way. Having this feature is going to save you effort and time. Furthermore, most newer options come with this electric starter feature in place. But if you have a tighter budget, the cheaper models might not offer one.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a 2 Stage Snow Blower

Ground material

Your ground material is also essential when choosing the right model. These snow blowers work perfectly on concrete or gravel grounds because the auger never touches your floor. If you have a different ground material, you need to look for other models within your price range.

Average snowfall depth

The average snowfall depth depends on your residence because some countries and states receive higher average depths than other areas. If you are dealing with harsher winters, you may have to consider a two stage blower. On the other hand, if you only receive light snowfalls, a single-stage snow blower will be perfect. So, depending on the amount of snow that falls in your property throughout the year, you can calculate the average depth.


Of course, you only buy equipment when you already know how you are going to use it. Purchasing it will be a waste of money when you don’t have snowfalls in your location or only rare. In areas where you hardly see snow, you better stick to your shoveling. Before thinking about buying one, check thoroughly how much you will benefit from the machine. If you will only use it five times or less in a year, it isn’t worth investing.

Your lawn or driveway

A two-stage snow blower covers a large area, and so if your walkway or driveway is of considerable length, it will be excellent. You should look into the details of the product before purchasing it. There are more models that handle greater distances.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Tracked Snow Blowers Better?

Wheels make it easy to maneuver around and control, unlike the ones without. Tracks will offer better traction for the steep inclines. Wheels can get stuck sometimes in places where tracks would still roll. The track drive system is stable even in slippery slopes or uneven ground.

Is a 2-Stage Snow Blower Worth It?

This is a great choice if your driveway is wide, hilly, or long and a regular snowfall in your location exceeding 8 inches. If your driveway is gravelly, a two-stage option will be a great choice.

How Often Should the Oil in the Snow Blower Be Changed?

A snow blower uses similar oil to that used in motor vehicles, and you don’t have to change its oil after every three months like it’s done for a car’s engine. You should remove the oil after using it for a whole year and putting the machine away for the summer and spring.

Final Verdict

Many two-stage snow blowers are available for you in the market for removing snow, but these best top-rated options offer a perfect example of the best in the industry. Choosing a 2 stage snow blower is dependent on your property size, climate, preferences, and personal needs. However, for a residential one, the Husqvarna ST224 208cc heavy-duty machine will work perfectly. The large housing and 243cc engine are capable of powering your unit through a nasty winter. Its size is also within the range of an easy to store solution. You can work anytime, as it comes with LED headlights to keep you working even in the dark or early mornings.

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