Best Gas Log Splitter

Log splitters powered by gas are superb options for both home and commercial usage. They offer ample power to split even the most stubborn logs. Don’t worry about choosing the right one – we’ve handpicked a list of the top-rated gas log splitters currently available on the market.


Gas Log Splitter Reviews

1. Champion 25-Ton Full Beam Gas Log Splitter

Champion Power Equipment-100251 25-Ton Horizontal/Vertical Full Beam Gas Log Splitter with Auto Return

Key Features

  • 224cc engine and 25-ton force.
  • Vertical and horizontal modes.
  • Champion offers lifetime support and a 2-year limited warranty.
  • 2-stage gear pump that delivers pressure based on the resistance posed by the log.
  • Extended tongue to allow towing, it has a maximum towing speed of 45 mph.
  • Low oil shutoff engine.

Splitting logs has never been easier and less time-consuming. The Champion 25 ton is an improved version of the 7-ton model. The 224cc ensures that this product has enough energy. You also don’t have to lift the massive logs; you can just switch from horizontal to vertical positions.

Why we like it

  • Power – the 25-ton force is convenient for medium and heavy-duty tasks.
  • Efficiency – it has a 12-second cycle, an auto return valve that runs for up to 300 cycles in an hour. The operator also has ample space to work from.
  • Portability – The extended tongue can be attached to most towing fitted extensions in vehicles.
  • Champion also offers support and a 2-year warranty.

What we don’t like

  • The hose tends to get loose after some time. They could work on tightening it up.
  • The wheel bearings didn’t seem to fit, and you had to tap them with a pipe and an end cap, which you have to buy.

Our Verdict

This is a combination of power, efficiency, and reliability at a relatively low cost. The 25-ton engine allows it to be used at home and even for commercial purposes. It’s also portable; the extensions will enable it to be attached at the rear of most trucks. You also get to experience the auto-return feature and the low oil shut off engine that ensures safety for the user.

2. Champion 7-Ton Compact Horizontal Gas Log Splitter

CHAMPION POWER EQUIPMENT 7-Ton Compact Horizontal Gas Log Splitter with Auto Return

Key Features

  • 80cc Engine, and a 7-ton force
  • Integrated cradle for holding the cut wood
  • It has an auto-return valve
  • 20-second return cycle
  • It uses hydraulic oil. The cylinder can hold up to 1.3 Gallons
  • 3000 psi (per square inch) maximum pressure

You don’t have to break the bank. This Champion gives you the necessary features at a relatively low price. Powered by an 80cc engine, it delivers a maximum 7-ton force, which is enough to chop logs for your home’s furnace. The log table is also shorter, and the profile lower to make it easier to load and offload logs.

Why we like it

  • Auto return valve that makes it more efficient.
  • The 80cc engine is durable enough for home use.
  • It has a compact design, and a handle that allows you to move it with ease.
  • It’s easy to assemble though Champion’s clear guidelines.
  • Champion also offers lifetime technical support and a two-year limited warranty.

What we don’t like

  • The 20-second return cycle is quite slow, especially when you have lots of wood.
  • You can only use it in horizontal mode.

Our Verdict

This is ideal for small home tasks. For such a low cost, this log splitter is surprisingly active. The low profile and integrated cradle make it easy to load the logs. It’s also effortless to move it around.

3. Southland Outdoor SLS20825

Key Features

  • 208cc Engine.
  • Vertical and horizontal modes.
  • It has a 17 seconds cycle auto-return.
  • Internal automatic oiling system for continuous lubrication.
  • The log table can hold a maximum log length of 26 inches.
  • 3-2-1 warranty on the steel, engine, and hydraulics respectively.

The Southland’s 25-ton is one of a kind. It has enough power to handle the most robust hardwood logs. The 208cc engine allows it to cut through a log size of up to 26 inches.

Why we like it

  • It can handle the most massive logs, up to 26 inches.
  • 8″ wedge that’s built for high performance and durability.
  • The manual for assembly is straightforward. Anyone can assemble it quickly.
  • Internal automatic oiling system. This keeps the engine lubricated and prevents the wear and tear of engine parts.

What we don’t like

  • The 17-second cycle is slower than most log splitters.
  • It’s hard to start the engine when it’s warm.
  • The beam is also quite heavy; you’ll need an extra hand when assembling.

Our Verdict

This product would be great when you have massive logs. It can split logs that are 26 inches long. The 25-ton force makes it one of the most powerful in its category. It’s also easy to assemble and use. When the logs are too heavy to lift, you can shift from the horizontal splitting mode to the vertical.

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How to Choose the Best Gas Log Splitter

The best gas log splitter is one that suits your needs. The splitter you would use for firewood at home isn’t the same as the one you’ll use for commercial purposes. Below are aspects you need to look out for when choosing a log splitter:

  • Splitting Force – This is the power that allows this machine to cut through the logs. I’ve mentioned 7-ton, 37-ton, and 25-ton. The higher the energy, the more effective it will be. The size and type of logs should determine the force you need.
  • Engine – Splitting force and the engine go hand in hand. The larger the engine, the more powerful it will be, and the more energy it will consume. You can also look out for brands. Briggs and Stratton have an excellent reputation for building better engines.
  • Auto-return – First of all, you need to go for a product that has an auto – return ram. The speed of the auto-return matters too. Some have 20 seconds, 12 seconds, or even 17 seconds. If you have a large pile of logs to go through, you need a shorter auto-return period to ensure you don’t spend too much time.
  • Cost – The initial cost, the maintenance cost, and additional features should be considered. You don’t have to buy an expensive one for simple home tasks.

Gas Log Splitter FAQs

How Big of a Log Splitter do I Need?

This depends on the size and type of logs you have. Simple branches require less tonnage compared to 26-inch hardwood logs.

Is It Better to Split Wood Wet or Dry?

You can split both wet and dry wood. Dry wood is more comfortable to cut, but if you need the wood to dry faster, you can cut it when it’s wet.

Final Thoughts

YARDMAX YU2566 25 wins our hearts for being robust, reliable, and easy to use. It is ideal for small cords of logs at home, as well as for commercial purposes. The cost is also favorable too. It features the famous Briggs and Stratton engine (208cc), and it can split up to 26 inches logs. Other unique features include the four-way wedge, and the log spinning feature to reduce stress on the beam.

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