Best Grow Lights for Succulents

Succulent plants require water and suitable lighting for their health. Some succulents can thrive with a small amount of light, while others need a certain level of sunlight to grow strong and colorful. Succulents can survive in dry climates because they can retain and soak up a substantial amount of water in their leaves. However, they cannot withstand extremely cold temperatures as the abundant water they hold can be fatal. The intense cold is especially harmful to succulents due to the high water content in their leaves.

This makes them better houseplants in places with little sunlight and long winters. You can get the best grow lights to provide sufficient lighting for your succulents. They need at least four hours of direct and bright sunlight daily. Besides, most of the best grow lights in the market mimic the natural sunlight.


Top 5 Succulent Grow Lights

Hydrofarm Agrobrite FLT44 Grow Light

Key Features

  • It comes with four 6400K T5 tubes.
  • It can hang horizontal, vertical, and overhead according to your plants’ position.
  • The faceted specular aluminum ensures uniform light distribution.
  • The grow light is housed by powder-coated steel for durability.
  • It produces up to 20,000 lumens.

This Hydrofarm grows light and offers high lumen output, flexibility, and performance for the growing environments. If you’re gardening many succulents indoors, a small light won’t be enough, but you rather need a larger one, and Agrobrite grow light is a good choice.

Why we like it

  • It offers a daisy chain option.
  • It can be hanged in three different ways.
  • It is powerful and energy-efficient.
  • It comes with a grounded 10 inches power cord.

What we don’t like

  • It isn’t cool, like LED lights.

Our Verdict

We recommend this grow light system for people with plenty of succulents. It allows you to choose the amount of light needed and coverage area.

Jump Start T5 Grow Light System

Key Features

  • It is CE certified for quality.
  • It features an interior width of 48 inches.
  • It has more 15%-20% lumen output.
  • It is compatible with Hydrofarm’s FLP, FLV, FLT TUBES.

If you are new to growing lights, you might want an easy and quick to assemble and use. You can get all that with Jump Start grow light and your succulents all they need to grow healthy.

Why we like it

  • It is suitable for house plants, flowers, cuttings, and seedlings.
  • It stimulates faster growth.
  • It is easy to assemble.
  • The lamp height can be adjusted using the toggle clamp to provide sufficient lighting for various growth stages.
  • It has an internal reflective finish that directs extra light to plants.
  • It’s environmentally friendly and energy-efficient.

What we don’t like

  • Its parts are difficult to replace.

Our Verdict

This grow light is perfect for those looking for a multipurpose grow light. Other than succulents, Jump Start grow light is perfect for cuttings and seedlings as well as flowering plants. It also won’t take much time to assemble the structure. It’s a good choice for beginners.

Ankace 40W Dual Head Grow Light

Key Features

  • It is constructed using 12 Blue, and 24 Red LED chips. The Blue LED chips enhance the chlorophyll synthesis to ensure plants take in enough energy for germination. The Red LED chips contribute to effective flowering and germination.
  • It comes with an upgraded timer that allows three setting options according to your plants’ needs.
  • The one-way timer has an automatic turn on/off function.
  • It is designed with three switch modes and five dimmable modes that suit different growth stages of plants.
  • It features a USB connector making it convenient for home or office connection.

This dual-head grow light is ideal for succulent plants, foliage, flowering plants, and potted plants. It helps in speeding up the growth rate of your plants.

Why we like it

  • It can turn on/off automatically every day without daily manual operation.
  • It has a powerful clip that helps you attach it to a 3-inch surface. The clip is made of quality springs and materials.
  • The LED grow lights divert all its targeted wavelengths to plants.
  • It is easy to use and has a flexible and convenient tube.
  • Its goosenecks are flexible and adjustable to illuminate a larger area.

What we don’t like

  • It’s not full spectrum.

Our Verdict

We recommend this Ankace grow light for people serious about caring for their succulent plants. It can take care of the succulents in your absence, for it turns off and on as per the timer settings.

Winjoy Grow Light

Key Features

  • It features 60 pieces of efficient grow LEDs that meet the condition of growth.
  • It has an upgraded timer function.
  • It provides three spectrum switch modes and five dimmable modes.
  • It has three light heads with flexible goosenecks.

This three-head grow light provides a multi-directional illumination to stimulate plant growth. It uses a high-quality full-spectrum that mimics sunshine.

Why we like it

  • The light’s brightness is adjustable, and so is the distance between plants and light as per plant needs.
  • It has a metal clamp that can be placed anywhere in your office or home.
  • The light intensity is adjustable to meet different growth stages.
  • It is created with an automatic turn off and on.
  • This grow lamp accelerates plants’ growth.
  • It helps you grow different plants in any environment or season.
  • It shortens the growth circle and increases your plant’s yield.

What we don’t like

  • It is difficult to clamp it.

Our Verdict

It is a perfect grow light for people with plenty of succulent plants. Winjoy grow light has a wide coverage and accelerates your plants’ growth.

NOVA SN300 LED grow light

Key Features

  • Each bulb comes with a magnifying lens.
  • It has a ventilation system to keep it cooler for higher performance on succulents.
  • It produces the highest PAR output in its class.
  • It features a dual spectrum switch.
  • It has 100,000 hours lifespan.

NOVA grow light provides the highest PARA output to allow greater efficiency using the utmost power. It is a professional grade and performs wonders for your succulent plants.

Why we like it

  • It has a strong cooling system.
  • The daisy chain feature gives way to add more lights.
  • The secondary magnifying lens increases PAR output with more than 50%.
  • It saves you energy and money.

What we don’t like

  • It is expensive

Our Verdict

This is a perfect grow light for anyone who isn’t worried about the budget but getting the best quality product. It’s created, keeping in mind the professional growers.

Buyer’s Guide

There are several types of grow light lamps. Different grow lights work efficiently on different plants. Succulents require a proper light spectrum and less heat.

1. Fluorescent Grow Light

CFL lights

Grow lights are also available in the CFL design, which is perfect for people who don’t like tubular light or with limited space. This can fit in various regular sockets because they are similar to the regular light bulbs. Most of them have a lifespan of at least 6000 to 15000 hours. However, CFL bulbs have high output; hence it emits much heat. When using, you should there is much distance than the normal fluorescent tubes.

Tube lights

You will find several flavors of tube lights in the market, but there is always the best of all. You can encounter T12, T8, and T5, whereby the T stands for the tube, and the number denotes the tube’s diameter. Often, tube lights are constructed in big fixtures with several tubes. However, T5 is the newest technology, and it is highly efficient. It lasts longer, produces more light, and uses less energy.

2. Light Emitting Diode (LED) Grow Light

LED grow lights are very powerful and provide specific light wavelengths to your plants. Like other plants, succulents only need red and blue light. LED lights provide a narrow light spectrum as one color. It saves energy and produces less heat, unlike CFL bulbs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What Color Light is Best for Succulents?

Plants use red light to stimulate flowering and blue light to enhance growth. Grow lights with only blue and red light are slightly efficient, but those with full-spectrum white light promote healthy growth of plants, and it’s more efficient.

2. What Wattage Grow Light for Succulents?

Any wattage from 30 to 40 is perfect for succulents. Most of the grow lights are energy-efficient and fall under this wattage. A 30 to 40 watts full spectrum grow light will keep your succulents healthy and growing even in winter.

3. How Many Lumens Does a Succulent Need?

Plants need a certain amount of light to enhance photosynthesis. In succulents, the grow light you use should at least emit 2,000 lumens for each square foot. The more watts consumed by the lights, the more it increases your electric bills.

Final Thoughts

Hydrofarm Agrobrite FLT44 Grow Light is the best grow light for succulents. It allows you to place it in the right position, whether horizontal, vertical, or overhead. The product is also great if you have many succulents. It provides even and indirect lighting to all plants. This grow light is long-lasting and energy-efficient, your succulents will need a minimum of 6 hours of light daily. It doesn’t become scorch or too hot for your plants. So, whether you’re keeping a few succulents or plenty of them, Agrobrite grow light will be a perfect choice.

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