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Aerogarden Vs Tower Garden

For gardening enthusiasts who relish the joy of nurturing growth and creating beauty, gaining expertise in different gardening methods may be well within your knowledge. However, the Aerogarden and Tower Garden systems could be novel techniques you have yet to explore.

However, we have done extensive research, which has led us to have a wealth of information and experience with them. We even went ahead and laid out a detailed comparison between the two varieties to make things easier for you.

In this review, you get all the information you need to choose which route you’re going to go to make your gardening that much more efficient.

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Aerogarden vs Tower Garden Comparison

Let’s start with a quick comparison of Aerogarden vs Tower Garden that allows you to evaluate the importance of each feature immediately.

Aerogarden Benefits and Features

  • It does not require any dirt because it is aeroponic
  • Works using seed kits
  • It comes in various sizes and shapes
  • Very low maintenance. 
  • Perfect for small indoor places.
  • Can grow up to 12 pods of produce
  • It does not attract garden pests or foster diseases
  • It offers the potential for a continuous harvest in small quantities

Tower Garden Benefits and Features

  • It does not require any dirt because it is aeroponic.
  • It uses seed kits, but they are optional
  • Very low maintenance
  • The main components are oxygen minerals, plants, and water
  • Integrated pest and plant disease repellent
  • Can produce higher harvest revenue all year round.
  • It is an excellent indoor replacement to traditional vegetable, herb, spice, or flower gardens.
  • Can grow 20 different plants in one garden 
  • Requires roughly three-square feet of space 

Product Overviews

What is an Aerogarden?

An Aerogarden is a type of smart garden. It’s an air-based system where plants are grown simply by placing the roots in nutrient-rich water. It is a good substitute if you do not have a lot of space. You get an all-inclusive kit with 12 different kinds of plants you can use all year round. 

It is easy to become a successful gardener with such a package as you watch your plants sprout and grow quite quickly. The Aerogarden can foster healthier and greener plants since you get notified about when it is time to add more water and nutrients. 

What is a Tower Garden?

The Tower Garden is a gardening unit that utilizes aeroponics technology to grow plants, herbs, spices, vegetables, and even flowers. It is a good alternative that is simple and straightforward to use. 

This garden does, however, take up a lot of space and requires a light source for the plants. If you plan to use it indoors, it has a sturdy base for added convenience.

It works perfectly outdoors in a series of areas, such as your balcony, deck, or sunroom. There is no dirt, which reduces the potential of a big mess being created. Additionally, the pulling of weeds associated with traditional gardening is a non-factor.

Standout Features

  • The Aerogarden is hassle-free.
  • It requires less time and attention than the Tower Garden does, which is excellent if you have a busy schedule or if you want to condense your gardening time into a small window. 
  • There’s also a built-in system that indicates when nutrients and water are needed, so you need not watch the plants or check them frequently. This is a super convenient feature that can benefit both amateur and expert gardeners.
  • The system even gives the plant enough light, so you never have to rotate or adjust the plant for proper lighting. This creates a greater level of placement options and works well for those who don’t have a designated space that light penetrates well.
  • The holding capacity is smaller, so you have fewer plants to cater for, which is likely to result in a better turnout for each plant. 
  • The Tower Garden is a better outdoor gardening option.
  • It is a larger kit, which is conducive to growing up to 32 plants. Its build is also much better suited to an outdoor environment, which gives a traditional garden feel.
  • It would help if you still were careful about the plants you use it for when outside, as plants that don’t do well in full sunlight or during cold times are still going to pose a problem for you.
  • Aerogarden is better for teaching and exploration. 
  • While they both provide an excellent opportunity for family and children to be interested in gardening, the Aerogarden facilitates this better.
  • Its smaller model helps children quickly see and reach into the system, feel more involved, and learn to be gentler. They also understand and appreciate how to take care of other living things.
  • With the lower maintenance requirement and the built-in alert system, it’s more beginner-friendly since there’s a much more forgiving room for error or forgetfulness. Eventually, people can learn patterns and become better gardeners. 
  • The Tower Garden is made using high quality, USDA-approved, UV-stabilized food-grade plastic.
  • The build quality here is undeniably sturdy, and the plastic is safe for your plants and the flowers they bear.

Pros and Cons of Aerogarden vs Tower Garden

What Advantages Can You Look for in the Aerogarden? 

  • Your plants and trees are free from pests, such as snails and slugs, which is ideal if you love fresh items to transfer from garden to pot. This also means that there’s no need to spray the plants with harmful chemicals.
  • The control panel manually controls the growth settings. So, you can sow seeds and manage the entire growth process. Exercising this level of control that you would not typically have can help you make the environment more ideal and conducive to growth.
  • You can have a continuous supply of produce and flowers. Within a few weeks of planting, your produce is ready to be harvested. As the ecosystem can support many plants, you have yourself an unlimited supply of food and vegetables.
  • You also can experiment to create a variety of hybrid produce with the rapid growth time. Typically, you’d have a long wait to determine your tests’ success, but the Aerogarden system allows for a much faster turnaround and evaluation time.

What Are the Downsides of the Aerogarden, You May Ask? 

  • The watering pump of the Aerogarden system produces an annoying, humming sound continuously. If you don’t have an isolated area for the system, the sound can create a low noise pollution level for you, which can put a damper on the experience.
  • The plants look unnatural when compared to naturally grown plants. The Aerogarden plants tend to have a different shape. The saving grace is that things begin to normalize with time, so the effect is only temporary.
  • There is no application for controlling production. The presence of a voice-activated interactive feature takes away from the smart operation of the Aerogarden. Hopefully, a future model comes along with that consideration implemented.

 What Advantages Are There in the Tower Garden?

  • The Tower Garden enables fast growth. The seeds that are sown grow faster than those of other gardening systems. This feature means that you can accumulate a more significant amount of produce in a shorter time for crops, such as lettuce, that typically have a long growth period.
  • The tower garden is weatherproof. Regardless of the temperature or season, there is no bearing on the vertical farm inside the tower. Maintaining a consistent internal environment means that the plants can grow with no schedule disruptions.
  • There is less spoilage. Since the system is self-contained and many of the typical external variables are no longer present, it means that you can exercise much greater control over things, such as spoilage. Therefore, you can start worrying less about it.
  • The Tower Garden requires very little space and can fit any room’s corner. While it may not have the same form factor as the Aerogarden, it’s still able to fit into an array of indoor spaces conveniently, which should be very convenient.
  • You can use the Tower Garden to produce organic foods once you use organic compost. The artificial nature of the system may lead you to believe that you can’t use it for organic growth, but you can still eat well for those with these dietary choices at play.

What Are the Disadvantages of the Tower Garden?

  • The system requires a significant amount of artificial lighting that equals high energy consumption. If you were looking to save on your electrical expenditure, using the Tower Garden can throw a wrench into your whole plan. 
  • The convenience of indoor placement is only a spatial advantage and not an environmental one. The Tower Garden does nothing differently to help crops that prefer an outdoor environment to grow smoothly.
  • The cost of produce from the Tower Garden is higher than that of naturally grown produce. It’s only feasible to use this mechanism as a vehicle for plant growth if you see where the convenience is worth the additional cost. If not, you may want to stick to your traditional garden. 

How To Choose Between Aerogarden vs Tower Garden

Consider Where Savings Matter the Most

The Aerogarden is a smaller unit that is easily constructed and can be more affordable initially. However, the Tower Garden can save you a lot more on grocery bills since its larger size means it can produce more than the Aerogarden.

Remember That Plant Requirements Don’t Change

The Tower Garden is flexible as it is an indoor-outdoor kit that can grow anything. You can put it outside during the springtime and reap as much produce as possible. During the colder seasons, you can take the system inside and still benefit from being able to grow produce.

Note that this only works with produce that doesn’t need an external environment to grow. If you choose a crop that does require that, growing it inside is unlikely to yield the kind of success you would like. 

What Kind of Quantity Are You Looking to Work with?

Depending on the types of plants you want to grow, you can employ either of the systems to supplement what you’d typically be able to grow in an ordinary garden,

The type of yield you expect or want is an essential factor to consider. Remember that the Aerogarden can offer a continuous harvest in a moderate supply. So, if you have countertop herbs that you always use in small quantities, for example, it may be a perfect choice. 

The Tower Garden can replace your grocery store runs for specific items. Since it’s large and adept at producing large quantities of vegetables, you don’t need to consider spending to supplement the amount that it can grow, which also translates to more savings.

You Can Grow Things Organically

Some people prefer to grow and eat organic foods, which are not exposed to pesticides and other harmful substances during the growth period. With organic compost in the mix, you can achieve this natural phenomenon with the Tower Garden.

Additionally, since the controlled environment means that pests are not a problem, there’s no need to worry about disrupting the organic process that these people desire. In this sense, the Tower Garden is almost a perfect solution to the need for consistent organic food.

Aerogarden Vs. Tower Garden: Final Thoughts

Now that you have learned so much about each system, you now have a decision to make about which of the two you are going to implement.

The Aerogarden has a better form factor and is cheaper, but the Tower Garden is better value for money when you consider other factors.

It is both an indoor and outdoor unit (a quieter indoor one, too), facilitating a healthier lifestyle consistently. Additionally, it has a long list of advantages and produces faster results. It does have a couple of drawbacks, but the benefits far outweigh them.

We must give the win to the Tower Garden this time. Even so, remember that the two were not intended for the same use case. The Aerogarden is designed for a more small scale use than the Tower Garden is, which would explain its limited capability.

While the Aerogarden is more feasible when used in its intended manner, the Tower Garden offers more coverage and value.

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