Best Hose Reels

Landscaping tasks can become a nuisance if you’re constantly having to untie knots in the hose. However, this problem can be easily solved by using a hose reel. This handy gadget prevents the need for constant untangling and makes handling the hose more manageable without soiling your hands, arms, or clothing with grass clippings and dirt. Additionally, keeping the hose tidily off the ground reduces the chance of family members or visitors tripping over it, thus decreasing the likelihood of injuries. If you’re looking to make your watering and cleaning tasks more efficient, using a reel is a great way to keep the hose organized and ready for use at all times.


Best Hose Reels

1. RL Flo-Master

Forget about manually winding a dirty, knotted garden hose. With the RL Flo Master garden hose reel, you get a feature-rich, easy-to-use system at a reasonable price. A 65-foot, 5/8-inch retractable hose comes housed in a 180-degree swivel chamber for ease of use. Once watering chores are complete, the hose retracts automatically, layering the hose perfectly for continued use. The included sprayer has an 8-pattern nozzle including mist, shower, soaker, and jet. 


  • Simple installation on wall or post.
  • Automatic guide channels hose into the enclosure to prevent overlapping.
  • Spring-loaded hose with stopper.
  • Pivots 180 degrees for convenience.
  • Easy dismount for storage.


  • Retracting mechanism wears quickly with frequent use.
  • Not suitable for large yards.

2. Liberty Garden Decorative Hose Reel – Most Attractive

This elegant garden hose reel features a powder-coated bronze finish for added durability and a utility shelf for storing garden tools. It holds up to 125-feet of a 5/8-inch hose and features a metal crank for winding and unwinding. Swivel action lets you change the direction and as needed. The versatile design allows the wheel to stand on its own or mount to a brick or wood studded wall.


  • Design enhances outdoor décor.
  • Weather-resistant powder-coated finish adds durability.
  • Includes a convenient shelf for gardening.
  • Comes with 5-feet of leader.


  • Mounting hardware not included.
  • Wheel handle tends to loosen.

3. Liberty Garden 870-M1-2 Hose Reel Cart

This portable garden hose reel is ideal for your landscaping needs. Four wheels and a 300-foot hose capacity allow you to walk all over the yard to perform outdoor maintenance tasks. Plus, it has a low center of gravity, to prevent tipping while moving. A ridged handle makes it easy to roll the hose.


  • Generous hose capacity.
  • 13-gauge steel construction with a powder coated, weather resistant finish.
  • 90-degree brass swivel connector.
  • Pneumatic tires provide easy transport for all types of terrain.


  • Requires assembly.
  • Difficult to assemble.

Factors to Look for in a High-quality Hose Reel

With so many options to choose from, it’s tempting to pick the most inexpensive hose reel available. However, a minor difference can have a huge impact on how the hose reel performs and how long it will last. Whether you are looking for a model that mounts to a wall or sits in a container, you’ll need to factor in the following criteria.

  • Durability: Knowing the materials used to manufacture the reel will help in your selection. Usually, a longer warranty is the best way to gauge a product’s durability. Durable materials include steel, brass, die-cast aluminum, and resin. Also, consider an extra-level of protection such as weather-resistant, rust-free, and non-kink units.
  • Capacity: Most residential hose reels can hold between 50 and 300 feet of hose. Check the manufacturer’s recommendation for diameter, length, and material compatibility, if you’re not buying a unit with a hose already included.
  • Portability: Look for units with wheels or swiveling functions that allow you to carry the hose where needed and move around the yard with ease.
  • Versatility: If your outdoor tasks include gardening, lawn care, and washing siding, opt for models that come with accessories to facilitate these chores.
  • Stability: Whether or not you choose a freestanding or mounted model, the unit should include hardware for proper assembly, securing to a post or wall, or have a low center of gravity to prevent tipping.

Features, Styles, and Components

When shopping for a garden hose reel consider the following.

  • Hose Reel Type: Reels are manual, spring-loaded or motor-driven. Spring-loaded and motor-driven models save you time because you don’t have to wind a lever by hand to get the hose back onto the wheel. Reels with a hose stopper keep the tube from going all the way into the unit.
  • Portable or Mounted: If you prefer the unit to remain in a permanent location, a mounted reel is the best option. On the other hand, a portable garden hose reel offers better flexibility for moving from one location to another.
  • Fittings: Reels require a metal or plastic piece to connect the hose to the reel. Plastic fixtures are less expensive, but may not hold up well under heavy use like metal components. .

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Replacement Parts Available?

Check the manufacturer’s website for details.

2. Why Doesn’t My Reel Hold the Suggested Length of Hose?

There can be a couple of reasons a hose does not fit a reel. The hose may have a larger diameter than required or may not be layered properly. If you have an expandable hose, make sure the reel can take the full length.

3. How Do You Fix a Leak at the Connection?

Most leaks at the connection occur because of a faulty washer. Just replace it with a garden hose washer.

4. Will I Have to Assemble the Reel?

Some units come fully assembled. If it’s a wall model, you still need to mount it to the wall. Units that require assembly set up easily with a wrench and screws when you follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

5. Can I Leave the Reel Outside During Heavy Rain and Snow?

Although you will find weather-resistant units, it is best to store the reel and hose inside during the winter months. Leaving them exposed to the elements can shorten their lifespan.


Each of the options listed above rank high on the list of the best garden hose reels. Still, we must suggest one it is the Eley Rapid Reel because of its durability. Quality construction from the axle to the fittings ensure many years of heavy use.

The fact that it has the capability to mount parallel or perpendicular is also a big plus. Perhaps, the most important reason for our recommendation is the manufacturer’s 10-year guarantee against breakage or leakage pushed. This added bonus pushed it over the top of our list. If you want a reliable, heavy-duty garden reel, you can’t go wrong investing in the Eley Rapid Reel. Get yours today.

Best Hose Reels
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