Best Weed Barrier 2021

Best Weed Barrier

Getting your garden to look its best can be a rewarding experience. But fast forward a couple of weeks, and there will be weeds coming through and ruining the look that you tried so hard to create. The answer is to get a high-quality weed barrier, which will block any weeds from coming to the surface.

With many options out there, it can be hard to find the best weed barrier for you. That’s where we can help as we’ve put in hours of research, so you don’t have too. Once you’ve finished reading this guide, you’ll know exactly what you need. Let’s get started!

Weed Barrier Reviews

Best Overall

Key Features

  • Lightweight design
  • Heavy-duty fabric
  • Needle punched design
  • Thickness like a tarp
  • Cuts quite easily
ECOgardener Premium 5oz Pro Garden Weed Barrier

Rating: 4.5/5

In terms of sizing options, this is the best weed barrier on the list as you have a great range to choose from, allowing you to get the perfect solution.

The heavy-duty fabric will act as a great barrier, but some users have reported that some stubborn weeds can make it through.

It’s easy to carry due to its lightweight design, but you shouldn’t confuse that weight with a lack of durability. It’s almost as thick as a tarp, but you’ll still be able to cut it if needed. The needle-punched design will perfectly allow air and water to flow through.

Why we like it
  • Several sizing options
  • Easy to carry
  • Simple to install
  • Impressive durability

Our Verdict

This our top pick for a reason. If you need a specific shape, you’re probably going to find it here. The weed control is excellent, plus it is easy to cut & install. Most users reported this product to be very durable and long-lasting.

Premium Pick

Key Features

  • Woven needle punch polypropylene fabric
  • Hydrophilic treated
  • Fabric is black on the back side
  • 3 by 250 feet
  • Thick fabric
Dewitt P3 Weed Barrier

Rating: 5/5

If you’re looking for a top of the range weed barrier, then this would be a perfect choice. It’s made from woven needle punched fabric that will keep the weeds out but let air and water flow through it easily. It’s also very strong, and you’re not going to worry about it tearing.

A great feature of this fabric is that it grips into the dirt so you won’t have to worry about it moving around constantly. It’s going to be able to keep its look through repeated but with the heavy-grade fabric, which is easy to work with and does the job perfectly.

Why we like it
  • Incredibly strong
  • Doesn’t fray over time
  • Grips the dirt
  • Heavy grade fabric
What we don’t like
  • A little pricey

Our Verdict

This is a brilliant weed barrier that ticks all the right boxes. It may come at a premium price, but many gardeners will see it as a worthy investment. It allows you to plant with confidence, knowing that those weeds aren’t going to be coming back.

Budget Pick

Key Features

  • UV stabilized
  • Breathable and water permeable
  • Premium polypropylene
  • 6 x 33 feet sheets
  • Durable thickness
GardenMate Woven Weed Control Fabric

Rating: 5/5

In terms of value for money, it doesn’t get much better than this. It has all the features you’d expect with the high-quality polypropylene fabric. It’s only available in 6 by 33-foot sheets, which is a little frustrating if you were looking to cover a large area.

The performance, however, can’t be doubted. It’ll work exactly as you need it too and keep your plants looking as you want them. The fabric is very easy to work with and easy to cut. That makes it ideal for anyone who plans on working in uniquely shaped spaces.

Why we like it
  • Easy to work with
  • Value for money
  • Cuts quite easily
  • Heavy-duty usability
What we don’t like
  • Small size

Our Verdict

For those who don’t need to cover a larger area, this weed barrier is going to be ideal. We wish it came with more buying options, but the product itself is brilliant quality. The usability helps to make this an excellent barrier.

Key Features

  • Thicker than most barriers
  • Rolls easily for quick installation
  • Environmentally friendly
  • High UV protection
  • Allows plant nourishment
HOOPLE Premium Pro Garden Weed Barrier

Rating: 4.5/5

Thickness is something that you want to see in a barrier as it will give you peace of mind that it’s going to get the job done. That’s exactly what you get here with excellent weed control, UV protection, and a barrier that can hold heavy loads such as large stones.

It helps you to be environmentally friendly by avoiding chemicals and allows pant nourishment for a healthy garden. It also rolls very quickly and isn’t difficult to cut, allowing you to install and shape it without any worries. You’ll have your areas covered in no time at all.

Why we like it
  • Professional level quality
  • Dependable material
  • Very easy to use
  • Can handle heavy loads
What we don’t like
  • Limited buying options

Our Verdict

For the ultimate in durability, look no further than this weed barrier. It’s going to be the ideal choice for anyone looking to create rocky landscapes or heavy-traffic areas. It will take a lot of punishment without showing any wear.

Key Features

  • UV stabilized
  • High permeability
  • Guaranteed for 5 years
  • 3.2 ounce polypropylene
  • Tear-resistant
Dewitt SBLT3300 Weed Barrier

Rating: 4.5/5

If you’re looking for something a little lighter and easy to work with, then this would be the ideal weed barrier for you. The barrier is highly resistant to any tears from stones, but it is still easy to cut when required, making it very easy to use.

The high level of permeability will ensure that any water quickly drains through to the roots. The only slight downside is that the ends can curl up when you’re trying to lay it down, but this is easily resolved. Overall it’s another brilliant barrier that will offer you sturdy ground cover.

Why we like it
  • Excellent value for money
  • Perfect weed control
  • Strong and durable
  • Sturdy ground cover
What we don’t like
  • Can unravel when cut

Our Verdict

While not having quite the same level of quality as the premium options, this weed barrier is still able to hold its own against the heavyweights. It’s very easy to work with, and you can have confidence that it’ll stop any weeds from popping through.

What to Look for in a Weed Barrier

Weed Control

Weed control is going to be more important than anything, and these barriers work in two ways. Firstly they work as a physical barrier, and secondly, they will block out any sunlight, denying the weeds a chance to grow. Make sure that you’re getting a thick barrier that will tick both boxes.


As well as a strong barrier, the fabric has to be permeable as otherwise water and nutrients aren’t going to be able to get to your plants. It will also prevent standing puddles of water after it has rained. That ability to let water in but keep weeds out is what makes a weed barrier high-quality.


There’s little point in your barrier having the above qualities if it’s going to disintegrate quickly. It needs to be tear-resistant, accept heavy loads, and not fray easily. The garden environment can be quite harsh and you need a weed barrier that can cope with that.


Laying down heavy weed barriers can be tough. They should be easy to work with to lay them down easily without much hassle. Even though tear-resistant, they should be easy enough to cut with scissors to shape them as you need.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Does a Weed Barrier Affect Watering?

The best weed barrier will be able to let water through, and therefore, you won’t have to worry about your plants not getting their nutrients. In fact, weed barriers can mean less watering. As the barrier will protect the ground underneath from less sunlight, there will be less evaporation.

How Do They Stop Weeds if They Let Through Water?

The holes in a weed barrier need to be very small but just large enough to let water pass through. These holes will then be too slow to allow weeds. Also, the blocking out of UV rays is going to deny weeds the sunlight that they need to grow.

Are Plastic Sheets Better?

Plastic sheets may seem like a good idea, but they have some major drawbacks. They generally aren’t as thick as purpose-made weed barriers, won’t block out light in the same way, and also won’t allow water through. It means weed barriers are a much better choice.

Final Thoughts

All the five weed barriers that we have looked at here are great, but the Dewitt P3 3 Pro 5 Weed Barrier Fabric stands out above the rest. It’s easy to work with, is a highly effective barrier, and will be able to stand the test of time.

If you’re looking for something, a little different, any of the other four options would be a great choice. They will allow you to plant in confidence, knowing they won’t be ruined by weeds. All that’s left to do is choose the best weed barrier for you and enjoy a clean and beautiful garden.