Best Hedge Trimmers 2020

Best Overall

  • Longer battery life
  • Powerful to cut through thick branches
  • Safe wrap on the grip

Premium Pick

DEWALT DCHT820B 20v Max Hedge Trimmer
  • 5Ah batteries
  • Comfortable to clean and maintain
  • Strong even to cut thick stems

Budget Pick

Greenworks Hedge Trimmer 22102
  • Low power consumption of 2.7A
  • Cord lock prevents unplugging during use
  • Efficient during use

One of the components of a beautiful garden is a well-kept hedge. To make people envious of your garden, you will need to choose the best hedge trimmer. Apart from cost, there are other things to consider. Since trimming is exhausting, you must get a hedge trimmer that suits you. For small bushes, a light cordless hedge trimmer will be required.

However, for large hedges, a heavy-duty trimmer will do the job. Below are some of the best hedge trimmers with their buying guide and answers to any questions that may arise.

Hedge Trimmer Reviews

Best Overall

Why we like it

  • It has a rechargeable battery with longer battery life.
  • The 24-inch double-action blade is powerful to cut through thick branches.
  • Has a safe wrap on the grip protecting your hands when trimming.

This should be the first choice when selecting a hedge trimmer. It is cordless, powered by 40-volt, lithium batteries with five times more power than the regular 36-volt batteries. These batteries have a double lifetime when compared with other competitors and are replaceable.

Its long battery life, combined with its double action, increases efficiency during trimming. The double-action blades prevent the trimmer from jamming. A grip is wrapped around the handle, protecting your hands. The creators of the blade have also designed a way of reducing the vibrations after prolonged use. It is not heavy and weighs just 6.9 pounds.

Premium Pick

Why we like it

  • The 5Ah batteries, although sold separately are durable and efficient
  • The simple design of the trimmer makes it more comfortable to clean and maintain
  • The blades are strong even to cut thick stems
  • The motor used is durable and has high output
DEWALT DCHT820B 20v Max Hedge Trimmer

Tired of accidentally unplugging the cord of your hedge trimmer while trimming? Are you tired of continually replacing the cable of your trimmer? If this is you, hustle no more and start using the DEWALT DCHT820B hedge trimmer.

This trimmer is cordless, making it easy to maintain. Plus it is very consistent. The motor is not only durable but also has high output. The blades are made of durable steel. Besides, the blades are razor sharp and devised for clean, efficient cuts. The blades have been fitted with ¾ inch teeth to aid in the cutting power, more so in thick branches. It is fitted with a 5Ah lithium battery making it more efficient.

It is additionally designed to reduce vibrations, increasing its stability. Since it is cordless, it is generally light. Although the battery is sold separately, the performance is still top-notch.

Budget Pick

Why we like it

  • Has a low power consumption of 2.7A
  • The cord lock prevents unplugging during use
  • It is light making it efficient during use
Greenworks Hedge Trimmer 22102

This trimmer, whose steel blade is 18-inches long, has been created to provide optimal performance. The steel blade ensures easy maneuvers with its 3/8-inch teeth perfect for trimming bushes. So, if the bush growing in your backyard is making your home unpleasant, this is the tool to use.

It has been fitted with a compact design and is lightweight for easy handling, even in rough bushes. Since it is corded, there is no limitation on the duration of use and no worries that the battery charge will get depleted.

The trimmer has a cord lock to prevent accidental unplugging during use. Its motor has been designed to reduce the noise emitted. Besides, it does not pollute the environment since it is a product of Greenworks. Thus, you use quality while conserving the environment.

Why we like it

  • The grip is cushioned to prevent vibrations
  • Its long blades maintain excellent cutting designs even in longer hedges
  • The motor used is not only powerful but also fast and less noisy
Makita XHU02Z Hedge Trimmer

Although with some extra weight, this gas hedge trimmer has been fitted with some excellent features. It is evident that the manufacturers have provided high-quality products before, they do not disappoint.

The trimmer has been fitted with a 22-inch blade, ensuring a straight cut along the hedge. It is always easier to use a longer blade. The dual-action blade and powerful motor provide high cutting speeds. The battery used charges at a faster rate and has a longer running time.

Besides, it has been fitted with a silent motor reducing the noise levels. The design of the trimmer reduces vibrations, increasing its efficiency.

IT has battery indicators to show the amount of power that is remaining during use. Once the power levels hit a minimum, the hedge trimmer has an auto-stop system. The hand shield maintains grip when trimming and ensures hand safety.

Why we like it

  • Made with a light design reducing muscle soreness
  • Low vibrations and sound reduce noise pollution
  • Space for angled cutting
  • The soft material and the D-Grip of the handle reduces fatigue
WORX WG255.1 Hedge Trimmer

This cordless hedge trimmer is a good investment plus value for your money.

It is fitted with double-action blades that provide excellent smooth cuts. The blades are thick and robust enough to accommodate thick branches. The handle has been fitted with a D-Grip, made of a soft material, ensuring comfortability when trimming. Apart from being light, IT comes with a separate 20V lithium battery with its charger kit.

The motor has less noise and reduces vibrations, which help in reducing fatigue. The light body of the hedge trimmer reduces wearing down during use.

Why we like it

  • It is cheap as compared to other models
  • It has a protective handle to protect the hand from the blades
  • The 22-inch blades can cut up to ¼ inch branches
Sun Joe HJ22HTE Hedge Trimmer

You may get suspicious when buying the Snow Joe HJ22HTE 22 since it is cheaper than the rest of the hedge trimmers. Despite being a little bit old school, the trimmer is value for your money.

It has been fitted with a 22-inch blade that can cut through thick, ¼ inch, branches. It has been fitted with a 3.5amp motor, which gives the ultimate cutting power.

The handle has been separated from the blade, making it safer to use the blade. The grip has been modified with cushions to protect the hands against vibrations. Although it is cheap, the trimmer will not provide you with the ultimate trimming experience. It is not accurate, but it will be worth it if you are looking for a cheaper alternative.

Why we like it

  • The extendable pole makes it suitable to trim higher hedges
  • The batteries charge faster than other batteries
Greenworks Hedge Trimmer 22272

Greenworks is one of the companies providing zero carbon footprint gardening tools. The GreenWorks 2272 Pole Hedge Trimmer has an extendable pole of up to 6.5 feet. This pole ensures that one can trim even higher branches with no ladders.

Although it is longer, the performance is not up to par. It has been fitted with a 20-inch double-action blade. The blade is made of durable steel that can cut more than ½ inches wide branches. The 40-volt batteries of the trimmer can run for 30 minutes but charge at a quicker rate. The hedge trimmer is, however, massive, thus not suitable for longtime use.

Why we like it

  • Light making it easy to use
  • The prices are affordable for a leading company
BLACK+DECKER BEHT100 Hedge Trimmer

Although quite cheap, this model provides value for your money. It is not as powerful as the other models, but it is beneficial for trimming small hedges.

The 16-inch trimmer is fitted with double-action blades, made of steel that can cut more than ½ inch wide branches. It is a strong hedge trimmer that is equipped with vibration-reducing technology. Thus it can be used by people who hate muscle fatigue. Since the blades are short, it cannot be used for trimming large hedges. The motor has 3.0 amp but has a cord.

The cord, however, has a retention technology that prevents accidental unplugging from the power socket. The handle is fitted with a safety guard to protect against the blades. This trimmer is light and suitable for smaller jobs.

Why we like it

  • It is the safest hedge trimmers since it has a transparent shield
  • It is light for easier handling
Greenworks 22-Inch 4 AMP Corded Hedge Trimmer

The distinctiveness of this product is the transparent safety guard protecting your body from the blades. The guard ensures that your body is safe from the sharp, fast blades. It has been fitted with a cord lock to protect against accidental unplugging. This light hedge trimmer has been regularly designed for use in shaping and improving the hedges. It has been fitted with a strong motor and steel blades for efficiency. The tool has been designed to be the safest.

The 22-inch blades are powered by a 4-amp motor. Besides, the double blades are made of steel to increase performance. The trimmer is compact and light for easy operations. The stainless-steel blades can cut up to 9/16-inch-wide branches.

Why we like it

  • Lightweight, thus portable
  • Great for nesting up hedges
Earthwise 2-in-1 Hedge Trimmer Combo

Apart from being smaller, this trimmer is very different from the other products. The blades are just 6.3 inches long, making it impossible to use for larger hedges. However, it will be perfect for smaller hedges and cleaning the edges. Besides, it has also been fitted with a 3-inch shear blade that can be used for cutting grass edges. The hedge trimmer has blades that can be changed.

It uses a rechargeable lithium battery. The 3.6V battery can run for 45 minutes. When it is running low, it has a light to indicate so. It weighs slightly over one pound, making it suitable for small bushes. However, if the job is a bit big, it will be wiser to choose a heavy-duty trimmer.


Buying a hedge trimmer is a big deal. Therefore, you should be careful before deciding on the best products to purchase. The key factors to consider when buying a hedge trimmer are the brand, price, and reviews.

However, this information may be insufficient. You should also consider the features of the specific hedge trimmer that you want to buy. These features are the power, blade length, the type of the blade, weight, maintenance as well as safety.

Additionally, when buying a hedge trimmer, always ask for blade covers. The covers increase the duration of the blades. Nonetheless, if you have no blade cover, cover the blades with a blanket. Covering the blades will not only prevent accidents but also rusting.

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