Best Mulch for Your Garden

A good mulch makes all the difference in having a healthy farm. They help prevent the growth of weeds, nourish your plants, help crops fight diseases, and decorate your farm. The best one for your farm depends on what you want to achieve. For a higher nutritional value, your best bet would be organic varieties. …

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Best Solar Garden Lights 2020

Best Solar Garden Lights

Solar Garden Lights are an excellent and economical way of lighting up your outdoors. Unlike electric-powered lights, they are safer, environmentally friendly, and easy to install. But for them to survive outdoors, they need to be made of durable materials such as steel.You also need to check the brightness, lumen output, and number of LEDs …

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Best Garden Hose for 2020

Best Garden Hose

Garden hoses have a multitude of uses. They are not only used to relay water to your garden, but they can also help in watering animals, washing vehicles and other mechanical appliances, and supplying drinking water in an RV. There are many options to choose from nowadays. Choosing the best one goes a long way …

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Best Brush Cutter for Small Trees

Best Brush Cutters for Small Trees

Brush cutters allow us to trim and clear vegetation that lawnmowers and weed eaters can’t cut. String trimmers may do a good job, but they use a string that is no match for some types of thick grass and even trees. On the other hand, lawnmowers can only clear relatively short vegetation. Lawnmowers may also …

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Best Expandable Garden Hoses 2020

Best Expandable Garden Hoses

A suitable expandable hose is a must-have when trying to get work done efficiently around your home. Various chores, like watering the garden, washing a car, cleaning pavements, among others, are made easy by using one that is reliable, of good quality, and durable.Finding the best product may be challenging since there are multiple varieties …

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Best Lawn Edgers 2020

Best Lawn Edgers

A nicely edged lawn makes all the difference in beautifying your yard. Lawn Mowers and trimmers help us trim the grass on the larger parts of the yard, but they leave the edges unattended to. You may decide to edge your lawn manually, but this takes too much time, and it’s too tiring. It’s also …

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Best Lawn Sweepers for 2020

Best Lawn Sweepers

Lawns are the first thing a visitor sees, once they get to your home. Therefore, it’s of utmost importance to always make an excellent first impression by keeping them clean. Some of the debris that may make the lawns less appealing includes dead leaves, twigs, and pine straws. If they are smaller lawns, we may …

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Best Weed and Feed for Lawns 2020

Best Weed and Feed for Lawns

A green, healthy-looking lawn, or farm, is always refreshing. However, it’s usually hard to achieve such scenery, especially when weeds get in the way. A few occurrences of weeds may be a non-issue, but when they’re too many, they start to choke off your plants. You may remove them manually or through organic methods, but …

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Best Backpack Sprayer 2020

Best Backpack Sprayer

Best OverallField King Professional 190328 Ability to generate strong pressure of up to 150 PSI. Includes a built-in agitator that can handle a variety of mixtures. Offers a 21-inch poly wand that includes 4 nozzle attachments. Features a No Leak pump design and lockable shut-off mechanism for added safety and convenience. Check Price Premium PickM4 …

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Best Garden Hose Nozzle 2020

Best Garden Hose Nozzle

Best OverallGREEN MOUNT Heavy Duty Comes with 3 mist jets and mesh shower heads. Features a removable filter mesh for easier cleaning. Offers six spray modes to choose from. Includes an ergonomically designed fireman lever. Check Price Premium PickHouGariee Heavy Duty High-quality solid brass construction. Offers 9 interchangeable spray patterns. Utilizes a front trigger design …

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